Thursday, 1 June 2017

What to expect from this blog

Having a blog and a full time job comes with challenges the obvious being lack of time. Working a typical 9-5 job would be slightly more manageable but I am not sure if they really exist any more especially with travel time included but I think that is the world we live in now as things are always developing. Which is what I have found happening with my blog now, as time has moved on and my interested have developed I have decided to move my blog in a different direction.

I originally wanted my blog to be a place where I could incorporate fashion, beauty and fitness in one place but I have found as time has gone on that has not been a effective and I have spoken about doing my Personal Training course so that has lent itself to me starting a fitness blog where I can really focus on the fitness side of my life and offer programme for everyone, help and guidance and PT sessions. Once I have everything up and running over there of course I will share this with you all.

So onto this blog - I really wanted to make this slightly more personal and not just solely focused around fashion and beauty I want to start making it slightly more personal to me. There are thing that I have learnt through work or friends that I would love to share with you guys which previously I felt I couldn't do as it wasn't what I was marketing my blog to be, so I really excited to be able to start sharing these things with you and I hope you enjoy.

I want to create an areas of POSITIVITY on my blog - so there is an area of the internet where you can go where you can always find a bit of happiness or to change your mind set if you are having some down time. We live in a fast moving world now and are connected 24/7 and the internet can come with its downsides of negativity. I believe that a positive world is a much better place to be in no matter who you are or where are are and we should always be making others feel better. 

SELF CONDIDENCE is not something that ever just comes over night it is learnt and something that can be developed. Some people who know me may thing that I am a confident person but I was not always that way, I used to be very shy and sometimes I still am which I believe is normal. SELF BELIEF come hand in hand with self confidence in that you can always do things if you put your mind to it and don't let others discourage you. Those who do know me know that is someone tells me I can't do something I get a over whelming urge to prove them wrong.

INDEPENDANCE - The ability to do something for yourself without having to rely on someone else is something that I have grown to value more as I have got older and learnt to love, I love the ability to do anything myself and no have to rely on others - that's not to say I don't appreciate it when others do things for me its just different feeling.

I hope this explained things well and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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