Saturday, 22 April 2017

Life Sum App Review

Lifesum app

As you can see from the images above I am going to be reviewing the LifeSum App which I accidentally found through another Robin Gallant I did want to get a nutrition tracker so that I could start really seeing how much food I was able to get in a day and make me a bit more responsibly for my diet. I had tried the fitness pal app but I didn't really get along with it as it was bit too fussy for me and wouldn't fit into my day to day life that well. 

I was instantly attracted to it yes because of the prettiness of the app and how user friendly it is, and it does make me want to use it more especially with the water tracking part where it fills up the glass and makes a cool sound. It fits so easily into my day to day life as it doesn't take long to get your meals on there and update your information. 

When you first get the app you have to type in your details like your would normally with any fitness app like your age, height and weight and it then gives you questions of what kind of plan you are looking for - so if you are looking to loose weight, gain weight or to stay healthy. The app then tailors your intake goals based on that and the information you have typed in.
So if you wanted to loose weight it would reduce the amount of intake per day you need so you know what your intake aim is each day. 

Lifesum app

Once you have completed that the first page you will see are your intake goals and around it will track your carbs, protein and fat intake which is great because you can see all of this at a quick glance and won't take you ages to analyse. 
On this same page is where you enter your meals, water intake and any exercise that you do that day. 

Entering your meals is quick and easy and there are a few ways of doing this, you can either scan the bar code on the food or type the food in and search for it in their database. 
I personally use the bar code reader as it is just fast and easy and then I can change the quantity to what i actually had. 

Lifesum app

The Lifesum App has two versions the basic and gold version for which you have to pay extra for a month but within that you get more choice of plans and meal ideas for that price which I don't think is too bad. 

The database of food and recipe ideas is actually quite large and the best part is you are able to search for meals either by food groups you want or your fitness goals so for example if I want protein rich food there are options for that or options for for carby meals so it is quite intuitive to peoples needs. 

Lifesum app

So all in all i do use it every day as much as I can as it can be hard at work sometimes with meal that I eat, but it certainly has helped me think about my meals differently and kept me eating healthy and eating the right kinds of food. 

If you have used it and have any thoughts I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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