Saturday, 25 March 2017

Nutritional Series 2: Free Radicals

Hello my beautiful people, hope your all well? So today's post is continuing the series I am doing on the nutritional course that I am doing and as you can see is part 2 (Part 1 can't be found here) and is all about free radicals a term that I'm sure plenty of you have heard before?

What are free radicals?

I'm sure you have noticed that when you slice an apple open it slowly changes into a brown colour, or fish gets that really bad rancid smell? These are a result of a natural process called oxidation and happens to all cells. To protect and fight these free radicals your body provides a fighting mechanism in the form of antioxidants, which will be my next post in the series so be sure to stay tuned. 

As oxygen is reacting with your cells this will cause these cells to change formation some may die or for example if you get a cut they will be replaced with fresh new cells, and this is a process that is happening 24/7 in your body without even realising it. Your body will always keep the right level of cells going around your body which is estimated to be around 37.2 trillion. 

What do they do in our body?

Even though our body is very good at metabolising oxygen  1-2% get damaged in the process and their molecules turn into free radicals which means they are unstable molecules with unpaired electrons. 
They are 'free' because of their missing electron which sends them into a frenzy to try and find another electron to pair with. When they are on the hunt to find another molecule they don't just kill other cells they injure other cells which in itself creates the seed for diseases. 
When a cell is damaged it becomes mutates and when it grows abnormally it will also reproduce faster, which leads to health problems.

A free radical will pull off an electron from a neighbouring molecule causing the effected molecule to become a free radical itself. This one then pulls the needed electron from another neighbour and this chain reaction continues, this then causes a cross linking of atomic structures. When this happens that is what leads to ageing and degenerative diseases such as cancer. 

External Toxins

There are many external influences that generate these free radicals such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, air pollution and even in foods we eat. When these are brought into the mix your body can not naturally fight these off which is why we need to eat more foods which are rich in antioxidants to eliminate these. The excess of these free radicals increasingly running through our systems causes these diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinson's. 

I hope you found this post interesting and has helped you understand what free radicals are all about. If you have any comments or anything please leave them below in the comment sections. 

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