Saturday, 11 February 2017

REVIEW: MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe Cream

I was never too sure about Strobe creams as I had tried using them before and could never really see what they did, which could have possibly been down to me not really knowing how to apply them properly. 
I did get the strobe cream for christmas and I have tried to spend my time using this product to do a review just so I knew I had got the best out of the product. 

The MAC Strobe Cream range comes in 5 ranging colours - Silverlight, Peachlite, Pinklite, Redlite and Goldlite. When you are on the website it doesn't differentiate between the colours so I think they are something you will have to try in store to see what fits your skin tone the best and your desired look. 

I did try them out on my hand in store and I did want about 3 of them but I could defiantly make the differentiation to the ones which I didn't want and didn't match my skin tone. This I felt was good because it meant that I didn't want to buy the whole lot and they were tailored to different skin type and tones. 

MAC Strobe Cream

I don't use mine every day as I work in an office so isn't the most suitable place to be having a fabulous glow with a touch of highlight but I do wear this one my days off and I will even even wear this when I am wearing no makeup. I will apply my moisturiser as normal and then put a small amount on the tips of my fingers and spread evenly over my face. I feel like this really does give your skin a natural glow and brighten it up a bit. 

When I am wearing makeup I will put my moisturiser on and as above I will spread the product all over my face but I will concentrate more on the high points of my face first so my cheek bones, eye areas, end of my nose and my cupids bow. 
I will then apply my foundation over the top and when I am finished with my foundation I will pop a small amount of the strobe cream on my beauty blender and go over these high points again. This i find works so well and makes any highlighter you put on top pop even more. 

Have you used any of the Strobe creams I would love to hear your views below.

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