Thursday, 2 February 2017

Month End: My thoughts on Jan and whats coming in Feb!

WOW!!! How fast has January gone?!?! Does any one else feel like it has gone by so fast??

If you guys follow me you will know that this year I am making a huge change in my life and trying to make a bigger commitment to my blogging and hitting my goals. If you haven't seen my post yet you can find that here if you want to have a read. 

Month of Jan 

As this was my first month of really making a bigger commitment to my blog and trying to achieve my goals I wasn't to sure what to expect in regards to my time and how hard it was going to be - all those kind of things. 

I did break my goals down into mini goals for the month into separate categories and into goals that I thought were tangible so that I could actually measure against them for example how many blog posts I wanted to publish and how many times I wanted to get to the gym in the week. 

Having these tangible goals really did make a difference this month and has made my goals a lot more realistic so I can see where I am headed and where I am wanting to get too. 

With regards to how I did, I actually did much better than I thought I would, I didnt achieve everything that I set out but I am fine with that because I made a good dent into all of them and have learnt along the way of how to manage my time a little better - where I can allocated my time more efficiently and for that I actually feel very good about it. 

Coming up....

Month of Feb...
I am going to be breaking my goals down into the same categories as I did for January being Blog, Fitness and other but just tweaking and refining the details a little more.

So for February I am going to aim to publish 7 posts, as last month I aimed for 10 which I didn't quite make as I had spent so much time working I could not fit it in. Hopefully now that I have lowered this slightly if I make this number it will be great and if I exceed this then that will give me more motivation to continue.

I will still be aiming to be posting on Social Media on Instagram and Twitter everyday - I have managed to keep up with this for the most part. My Instagram was lacking slightly as I did not post every day but managed to get something up for most of the month.
I am creating a Instagram schedule for myself so I can try and get a little more organised, so hopefully this will help. I will keep you posted on that.

On the fitness side I was ill for the most part of January so I couldn't get to the gym for the first few weeks, but managed to get back into it at the end of January. So I will be keeping my goals of going to the gym twice a week.

Other areas I included were reading 2 books per month which I did achieve in January which I was very pleased about so will certainly be keeping this on the list for February.

Hope this helped you guy and just give an idea of what I am doing to achieve my goals and the steps I am putting in place to achieve this. Bring on February and lets see what happens....

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