Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OUTFIT: White and Grey

You would never guess how much I like shopping in Topshop as most of this outfit is from there, it is one of my go-to shops and has been for most of my adult life really thinking about it. If I go to the high end stores and see what trends are out currently I will always manage to go to Topshop and find something very similar for certainly half the price. 

When I saw this jumper I fell in love with it, as I was looking for items to layer up for winter in the cold and this top did it all in one with having to really layer up and get stuck feeling all bulky. 
I did try it on with a few other jeans but they did not really seem to go as well as the white. 

I picked up a simple star necklace to go with it just to give it a little bit more interest on the front along with a simple clutch with matching colour shoes from Kurt Geiger. 

Top: Topshop | £22
Jeans: Topshop | £42
Necklace: Topshop
Clutch: Newlook

I hope you liked this look, and would love to hear your comments below :)

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  1. Beautiful outfit, it looks so stylish and comfy.


    Tea |

    1. Thank you - Yep defiantly is comfy which I love! xx


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