Friday, 30 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have exciting plans for New Years Eve, I am going to be spending it with friends this year which I am really excited about. I never get too excited about New Years, and I have always feel there is such huge excitement for 12 O'Clock and the there a huge come down as that is really it. 

I wanted to do another 'What I got for Christmas Post' as I love reading these myself and is always a great sneak peek into what people are really like I guess. I was very excited for Christmas this year and even did some baking which isn't very me but I made ginger bread Reindeer for friends and family, which I hope they all liked. 

So onto the pressies, I asked for the majority of my presents this year, as they are things that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself and certainly do not have the excess money to get them all. I did however get a few surprise presents that I was very excited about like my Louboutin Lip gloss which is just stunning. 

In the picture above you will see that I got a few items of clothing which were part of my surprises so a nice white shirt from French Connection for work, a sparkly glitter top from Topshop which I love as I have it in black and is so comfortable and lastly some tights from Wolford. I must say these are the best tights I have ever got - they are slightly pricey at £20 each by there are so worth the investment. They have a special elastic around the waist so they don't dig into your sides and give you that unpleasant pinched look which in my eyes is priceless. 

My Louboutin Lip Gloss - I never dreamed I would get one of these Lip Glosses but my amazing mum surprised me and I love it! It is one of those items I want to put on the side and just have on show. The detailing on the bottle is beautiful, and at the top of the lid has a tie for it to hang. 
I tried the product on my hand and is the best red lip product I have ever tried it is the same red you find on their shoes and the texture is thick and luxurious so I certainly a favourite now. 

Mariah Carey Collection in MAC - This packing firstly is just so Mariah Carey but is stunning and most probably is what made me want it even more just for the sparkles and the glitter. The highlighter product I don't want to touch to ruin the beautiful product but can't wait to try it as it looks very pigmented so I will be doing reviews of these. The eye shadow quad are a great combination of colours which will compliment the highlight. 

Look at all these beautiful colours!! I can not wait to start creating some new looks with this palette, I  have only had one palette from Urban Decay before so I am excited to have another as I love their products. If you guys have created any looks like this palette please do send me your links in the comments below I would love to see them. 

I got a couple of  Bobbi Brown products the first being Intensive Skin Supplement and the second the Skin nourish face mask. I already use the Bobbi Brown daily moisturiser and that made such a difference to my skin that I wanted to see what their other skin products were like. I will be sure to using these over the coming weeks and do a review once I have used them enough. 

This was also another surprise present the Victoria Beckham Eye Ink. I have not previously tried any of her makeup before so I am excited to give this one a go, as from first impressions the colour is very pigmented so I can imagine you don't need to use a lot of it. Second to that the packaging is just beautiful and very classy and certainly has her stamp on it. 

Yves Saint Laurent Primer is next up on the list and I haven't not used a primer in quite a few months now so I wanted to give a new primer a go and see how it goes. The primer is glittery in the bottle which I obviously love - You can never go wrong with some glitter. I tried a small amount on my hand and I could certainly feel the difference to  not having on my skin so am quite excited to try this out under my makeup. 

These Mac Strobe creams have not long been out and have seen them feature in a few Vlogs on YouTube so was interested to see what they were all about as they came in various colours. I have previously used there original highlighter strobe cream which I enjoyed so was excited to give these new colours a go as you can never have too much highlighter. 

A few refills from Clinique being the SPF25 City Block which is an essential in my routine, some more liquid face soap which I love and two new additions from the Pep start range of moisturiser and the eye cream. I previously worked for Clinique and love their products as I know how they are made so was excited to try this new range and see how they fair up. 

So that is all for what I got for xmas this year - I hope you enjoyed reading and would love to see your posts so please do leave them below and hope you all have a great New Years Eve. 

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