Saturday, 10 December 2016

OUTFIT: Nike Vibes

I love impulse purchasing and it always seems to happen whenever I don't mean to be shopping or when I shouldn't be shopping and spending any money - then out of no where there are so many nice outfits that I want that I will end up coming out with something. Does anyone else do this?

This outfit was one of those purchases as I went to see a new Nike store that opened up at the end of my mums road. There were so many nice items that I don't know how I didn't come out with the whole shop I was having that much fun. 

So this is the outfit that I came out with and is slowly become my favourite at the gym now as it is winter time and this jumper feels you feeling so warm, the bottoms are not very tight either so they are really comfortable and are so easy to wear that you don't really feel like they are on. 

All details of where to buy are at the bottom as usual.

Top            - Nike | £60
Bottoms    - Nike | £25
Trainers    - Sports Direct | £44.99

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