Saturday, 19 November 2016

REVIEW: L'Oreal Clay Masks

L'Oreal Clay Mask

When I have the time I love to pamper myself with a face mask however more often then not I tend to forget or don't have time. I wanted to start to really make more of an effort with my skin care as winter is getting colder and colder and will cause havoc on my skin. 

I used to use the Glam Glow masks, which were the craze a while ago and did amazing things to your skin. They were kind of pricey and I thought even more so when I took delivery of my package and saw how small the pot was. Am I the only one who was surprised by this...?

With the determination to look after my skin I decided to purchase the L'oreal Clay masks in my November Haul - (HERE
I decided to Purchase all three of the masks so that I could try them all and see which worked the best and how I felt about them as they all do different things. It is quite self explanatory on the packaging which each mask does which is great as everyone is always after different things and have different skin types. 
I have been drawn to the detox mask the most as I feel this has done more for my skin, as they mask is drying you can see where it is taking effect the most as you can see all your pores. The Glow mask has small elements in it for exfoliation so you can feel them working as you apply the masks which is quite nice. The pure mask I felt really didn't do anything for my skin so have not used it as much which is a shame but I will keep trying it to see if anything changes as it might need a bit longer to have any effect. 

Now we need to talk about the size of these pots... they are huge.. and have so much product in!! In my eyes that is such a good thing because as I mentioned below I was slightly disappointed with Glam glow having such a small pot for a hefty price. The fact that these masks do work, and are a great affordable price is a huge thumbs up in my eyes. 

Have you guys been using these masks, I would love to read your comments about how you have been getting on with them or if this what you have been after and are going to purchase one.

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  1. I've been really wanting to try these and the whole 'multitasking' craze with them for a while now. I really love the Body Shop Superfood Face Masks and I kind of multi mask with a couple of those but I think it would be good to try some of these and see if they work for my skin too. I think the detox one will be my favourite one too - you've tempted me even more to purchase them! x

    1. Yer i have done that with these masks, and is great - i put them on with a foundation brush which makes it so much easier. Ive not tried the Body Shop ones yet - will have to try them and see how they work :) - Thanks for story by hun xx

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