Wednesday, 30 November 2016

November Favourites

This month was a quiet month as I didn't really buy that many products for my monthly haul, as we all know christmas is fast approaching and trying to be miss sensible I was trying to cut down on purchases, and also wanting to save somethings for my christmas list.

If you missed what I bought in my November hall you can find this here, which was a post certainly more focused on skin care for the winter.

So as my haul was small-ish I though I would include a few other bit in here that I have been loving this month which are purchases that I have made but more things that I have been doing and that I have enjoyed so I hope that you like them. 

So first thing that I have been loving this month as mentioned in my review was my L'Oreal Clay Masks, I bought all three and I can honestly say that I am slightly addicted to them now. I use them around 2-3 times a week and alternating which one I am using and my skins has thanked me no ends as it feels so much better. So they are certainly ones possibly for the Christmas list this year. 

The second thing that I have quite liked this month, is combining the use of my makeup wipes and Micellar cleansing water when taking my makeup off every day. I never used to do this but since I have started I feel like I have really got all of the makeup from my skin. 
I go in first with my makeup wipes without being too rough as to irritate my skin so that I take a good amount of the makeup off, especially around the eyes when wearing mascara. I will then put the Micellar cleansing water on a cotton wool pad and go over my skin again and you will be surprised with how much extra makeup with come off. I then wash my face as normal and apply my moisturiser. 

My last favourite has been having a glass of lemon water 3/4 times a week, at first I didn't really think that it would do that much for me but now I feel that it has really started to make a difference to my stomach. There are so many benefits of drinking lemon water, which include aiding your digestion, increasing your intake of vitamin C, helps promote cologne formation giving you healthier looking skin, and gives you an energy boost. So I could certainly say give it a go and see how you feel. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and its the last day of November - which means we are getting closer to christmas...

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

OUTFIT: Reebok colours

This was another of the outfits I shot in my first photoshoot, and was certainly so much fun as I got to do a bit more gymnastics. As being a gymnast I love being upside down, and so getting to do this in different places around town was certainly fun to say the least. 

In these photos I am wearing all Reebok both top and bottoms, and are one of the most comfortable outfits I have worn of theirs. The top fits just right and once its on I don't have to think about it for the rest of my workout when I am at the gym and also goes with most of the gym trousers I have in my wardrobe. 
The bottoms are equally as comfortable and are one of my favourites because they are so light weight  that I can barley feel like they are on. They are more comfortable for me also because they are not so tight that they are squeezing everything in like my other trousers so they hug my legs just right. 

Hope you liked this outfit, I would love to hear your comments down below :)

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

REVIEW: L'Oreal Clay Masks

L'Oreal Clay Mask

When I have the time I love to pamper myself with a face mask however more often then not I tend to forget or don't have time. I wanted to start to really make more of an effort with my skin care as winter is getting colder and colder and will cause havoc on my skin. 

I used to use the Glam Glow masks, which were the craze a while ago and did amazing things to your skin. They were kind of pricey and I thought even more so when I took delivery of my package and saw how small the pot was. Am I the only one who was surprised by this...?

With the determination to look after my skin I decided to purchase the L'oreal Clay masks in my November Haul - (HERE
I decided to Purchase all three of the masks so that I could try them all and see which worked the best and how I felt about them as they all do different things. It is quite self explanatory on the packaging which each mask does which is great as everyone is always after different things and have different skin types. 
I have been drawn to the detox mask the most as I feel this has done more for my skin, as they mask is drying you can see where it is taking effect the most as you can see all your pores. The Glow mask has small elements in it for exfoliation so you can feel them working as you apply the masks which is quite nice. The pure mask I felt really didn't do anything for my skin so have not used it as much which is a shame but I will keep trying it to see if anything changes as it might need a bit longer to have any effect. 

Now we need to talk about the size of these pots... they are huge.. and have so much product in!! In my eyes that is such a good thing because as I mentioned below I was slightly disappointed with Glam glow having such a small pot for a hefty price. The fact that these masks do work, and are a great affordable price is a huge thumbs up in my eyes. 

Have you guys been using these masks, I would love to read your comments about how you have been getting on with them or if this what you have been after and are going to purchase one.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Gold Metalic & Black Outfit combo

This one was another outfit from my first photoshoot I did in September, and I loved putting this outfit together. It such a simple look to put together and would be great for a night out especially as christmas is around the corner. 

I bought both this top and skirt from Topshop but they don't have them in anymore so I found a few alternatives. 

Hope you all like this outfit choice, would love to hear your thoughts

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Gorgeous Green Smoothie Mix from Waitrose

This months smoothie is slightly different as it is not one that I have put together myself which in turn means its easier for you lovely people to do it at home. This months smoothie is actually due to the help of my mum, she recently doing an online shop from Waitrose and ordered some of this mix and then gave me a few packs because she thought it tasted so yummy. 

So I thought I would share this one with you all, it really is super tasty which I was surprise with as it includes Spinach, Kale and Mango. These are some of the two healthier greens that you can put into your body so is defiantly worth trying to get into your diet. 

This mix is really easy to use, I just put the mixture into my blender with some coconut water and blended it for a minute or so. When I first started I actually didn't put in as much coconut water as i needed to I kept filling it up as required. 

I only used half of this bag to make myself a full container of juice, so I would get 2/3 servings out of this bag depending how much of the mix I used. This is quite a lot for the price also so I am overall quite pleased with this and think I will defiantly be having more of these in the future. 

Let me know if any of you have tried these - or if there are any others in the range that you have tried I would love to hear from you. 

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

November Haul - All about the skin care

I can't believe it is November already, this year is going so fast I literally can't keep up. Between my crazy work schedule and trying to fit in blogging I feel like the past 4 months or so have been a blur. Now that we have had the changing of the clock its time to get used to the darker evening in the run up to Christmas!!

So its the beginning of the month so its is time for a Haul, I didn't go too crazy this month as I am trying to save for a house and paying a few bills off so I had to make do with a more selected array of items shall we say.

L'Oreal Pure Clay
L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks | £7.99 (Each)

My first choices were these L'oreal Pure Clay face masks, winter is fast approaching as I really wanted to look after my skin for the harsh weather that is on its way with the cold, wind and travelling on public transport with the dirt. 
I have seen these about with other bloggers and have seem to have great results, so I an defiantly excited to give these ago and first impressions the tubs are quite big so there is lots of product in there so I think these might be a great alternative to the GlamGlow face masks. 

Micellar Water | £4.99

So continuing with the face care I bought some Biore Pore strips which are always handing to have in the cupboard for any of those emergency days. I don't tend to use these too often if I remember to do a face mask every week. 
Back to my Micellar water, I have not used this for a good 6 months now so I wanted to get back to using it as I loved it previously and really made a difference to my skin. I like to change my make up remover up every so often so my skin doesn't get too used to it. 
I love having makeup wipes in the cupboard, they are used all the time and some time are handy not even for taking makeup off with. I have not used the Johnson's wipes before so it will be good to see what these are like - I mean if Johnson's are good enough for babies it must be pretty good. 

This Flash Lash Mascara is a re purchase as I have just finished mine, and I love it. It is one of my favourite mascaras along side the benefit Roller lash mascara. These mascaras give my eye lashes a great life so I don't have to use curlers which is the ultimate aim. 
The second purchase in MAC is this Long Blending Brush, I bought this because I bought a highlighter when I was in Vegas a needed a good brush to apply it with. 
The last image in the picture at the start was my Protein powder that I purchase from Holland and Barrett. This is the powder that I always use after my workouts with milk and is really tasty. They come in different flavours also, I really like this brand as the powder is really fine so you can't taste it while your drinking it which to me is quite important. 

So that I all from my haul for today, I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have purchased and would love to hear from you below. 

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