Monday, 10 October 2016

Smoothie - Citrus Burst

I love a good smoothie and I struggle to find a good one what doesn't have huge amounts of sugar in them because they have over 10 apples in them amongst other things. Thats why I like to create my own smoothies so I can balance the amount of fruit I have to I'm not over loading my body with sugars. 

So today's smoothie is called Citrus Burst as it is packed full of Vitamins C and manganese which help boost your immune system coming into winder to help combat the horrible winter colds and even helps with the elasticity of the skin. 


2 Oranges
1 Banana
2 Kiwis
handful of chopped pineapple

- Chop up the pineapple, Kiwi and Banana in small chunks.
- Pull all three ingredients into the blender. 
- Cut the oranges in half and squeeze in the juices of the orange and then blend all together. 

Hope you guys give this a go, and if you do I would love to see your creations be sure to take me #topdrawfashion so I can see them all.

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