Saturday, 22 October 2016

Review and swatches of Stila Palette

I love a good eye shadow palette, I could buy them every week even is the colours are practically the same. They all just look so pretty in their packaging and then I imagine all the different looks I could do with those colours and then thats it I'm sold and I am at the counter paying for it. 

With the Stila Palette I had seen a number of your tubers using them but I have never managed to get my hands on them as they are not sold in any of the drug stores or makeup outlets around where I live. So the closest place I can get my hands on them is Selfridges in central London. Which is fine as  it is a great excuse to go shopping in town, which is one of my favourite places to shop.

I chose the Soul Stila Palette because I likes the natural colours that it had and the pigmentation looked great. The shimmery colours also took my fancy as they look shimmery but not like loose pigment colour like you can get with MAC colours.

I actually took this Soul Palette to Vegas with my and was the only one I took, and it was perfect. It was great as my tan developed the colours just blended so well and really brought out the colours of my tan out. 

So I thought I would show you the palette and do some swatches so you can see what the colours are like.

Stila Soul Palette
Soul Palette | £30

Stila Soul Palette

Stila Soul Palette

Stila Soul Palette

Hope you liked this post - I would love to hear your comments below and let me know what you think. :)

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

My First Photoshoot with Outfit Details

So when I got back from Vegas I did my first photoshoot in town, I have never been the type who felt comfortable having photo taken of my like this so I was defiantly going out of my comfort zone. I have seen so many bloggers doing outfit photos and I have always admired their confidence and ability to do it in public it certainly takes some guts and to not worry about people around you.

The day would not be made possibly without my amazing photographer Elspeth Van Der Hole - you can check out her website here. It was such a great day working with her and honestly didn't feel like work, we had such a laugh like getting stuck in private gardens that the day went so quickly. 
We took a total of 6 looks which I am so excited to be releasing over the coming weeks. 

What this shoot taught me was that you just have to go for it -give it your all and do your best and not to worry about anyone else around you. I always thought that I would worry about people looking at me and wondering what I was doing or what they were thinking, But there was one woman who actually being supportive. So it taught me that if you don't go for it you don't know what is possible!

So now for the outfit details - I had bought for Vegas but didn't end up wearing as I took so many clothes, so the details are below:

Top: Miss Guided
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bracelet: Aldo

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Smoothie - Citrus Burst

I love a good smoothie and I struggle to find a good one what doesn't have huge amounts of sugar in them because they have over 10 apples in them amongst other things. Thats why I like to create my own smoothies so I can balance the amount of fruit I have to I'm not over loading my body with sugars. 

So today's smoothie is called Citrus Burst as it is packed full of Vitamins C and manganese which help boost your immune system coming into winder to help combat the horrible winter colds and even helps with the elasticity of the skin. 


2 Oranges
1 Banana
2 Kiwis
handful of chopped pineapple

- Chop up the pineapple, Kiwi and Banana in small chunks.
- Pull all three ingredients into the blender. 
- Cut the oranges in half and squeeze in the juices of the orange and then blend all together. 

Hope you guys give this a go, and if you do I would love to see your creations be sure to take me #topdrawfashion so I can see them all.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Post Vegas Haul

So this summer has been a weird one as its been quite late which isn't really surprising in England now, so shopping for Autumn and winter closes still hasn't happened in my household yet. 
I am waiting for the weather to take a bit more of turn so I can start getting into cost jumpers and booties.

Aside from Autumn as some of you may know that follow me on my social Media you will know that I went to Vegas, so of course naturally with that come a little bit of a shopping trip which I feel was completely necessary (as any girl would:))
So I thought I would share with you a few of the things that I purchased before going away. 

So as you can see I bought myself a good bunch of things, and as they days went on I seem to be spending more and more money. So above you can see all the things I thought which included the two bikini's i bought from Topshop.

These three products were all from The Body Shop, and are great finds. I really liked the shimmer oil and the drops were great as they gave me the looks that I was after, and I didn't end up using the CC cream as the colour just didn't seem to match my skin tone. 
The shimmer oil is great to apply on the fronts of your legs, arms and colour bones for a nice natural glow. It works best when you have a tan so is certainly one I would take away with me again, and is not too expensive either which is always a bonus. 
The drops I added to my foundation every evening to give my skin a nice tanned glow to it. I would put my foundation on the back of my hand, and add a few drops to my foundation and mixed it together before applying it to my face. 

I am a total sucker when it comes to brushes, I always buy the really pretty ones and never end up using them because I don't want to get them all dirty.. please tell me I'm not alone with this? These are great brushes and I have started using some of them so I am slowly getting there. 

I have wanted the Laura Mercier for a long time, and now I finally have it in my possession and I am so glad that I do - I love it. It is one of the few products that I would rate very highly for the price that it is. The powder itself is so fine that is settles onto your skin so well that you don't even notice its there, which I feel for areas such as under your eyes is so important. 
The two concealers I chose were a great pick, I couldn't choose which I wanted more so I picked them both. They are so inexpensive that I felt that it was ok to do that with these, and in the end I sometimes actually use both at the same time anyways. 

This is a beautiful palette and I haven't bought one in a long time, and I am glad that I have. The colours are very pigmented which is a big plus for me as I always seem to find some eye shadows in the lighter shade never really come out with any colour. For 12 shadows for the price of £30 I would say this is a very handy one to have. I was certainly my go to when I was away, is saved me having to carry around any extra shadows. 

Hope you have liked my haul post, and if you have bought any of these items I would love to hear your thoughts not them.

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