Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Nutrition Series 1: How much of a role so your genetics really play in our body?

Hello my beauties, Hope your all doing well? If you follow along with my blog you will know that I have started doing a nutiriton course as I wanted to learn more about how our body works, what foods are good and bad for us and how our body reacts with food. So I asked on twitter what you would like to see more now and some responses were that you would like to hear more about what I have been learning, so I thought I would start a nutrition series on what I have been learning.

We all know that when we are born we all inherit things from our parents some parts from our mum and some parts from our dad. Many people have often believed that diseases, illness and traits are automatically come from our parents but actually only 10% of human diseases is a result of genetics so 95% is not genetically determined. 

All of your cells in your body have the same DNA but the way these are expressed to become certain cells such as a heart cell or a hair call is determined by what we eat and our environment. Which means that we can change the way certain parts of our DNA are read and implemented in our body.

Now that we know that we what we eat and what we do controls our genes here are a few things that our genes can be changed by:

- What we eat, drink, breathe and touch
- How we feel
- What we do 
- What we think and belive
- How we live
- What we perceive (real or imagined)

But lastly even if someone is predisposed to having a health problem such as cancer or obesity we can keep them dormant or counteract their activity by improving our nutrition and the way we live which will change the cell behaviour. 

So that is it for the first series, I hope this was an interesting insight to what I have been learning and hope you guys follow along to see what else i've been learning. 

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  1. Such an interesting post!


    1. Thank you Molly, i'm glad that you like it! I will be doing more as the weeks go on so hope you come back to read the rest! :) xx

  2. Wow what a cool post!! Love this!


    1. Aww thank you so much hun, glad you liked it :) xx


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