Saturday, 27 February 2016

If I could.... Tag

Hello my Lovelies, its finally the weekend thank goodness. I hope you all have been well since we last spoke? I have had such a crazy busy day today running errands so feeling very productive but starting to get that afternoon tired feeling. I went to see my parents, had my car washed, food shopping and made some lunch so it's nice to sit down for 5 mins and take a breather. 

So todays post is slightly different to my normally ones because I was tagged by Linda you can find her blog here in a post called 'If I could...Tag" in which are 7 questions to answer. You have to answer these as if you had nothing holding you back such like money problems or anything like that, so I thought this would be a really fun post to do so here we go...

If I could live anywhere...

If I could live anywhere it would defiantly be Greece, I am half greek and would go back every summer for the holidays and live with my aunt and uncle. I loved those times and all the memories that I have made it was fantastic. Now that I am older I have travelled around the islands a bit more and I just love the country and feel so at home. 

If I could have any home...

Now this is an easy one I used to try and draw my dream home when I was a child so many times I think it is now engraved in my brain, has anyone else done that or is it just me?
I would love a large house I would say 6/7 bedrooms, set on a large piece of open land with a long driveway. I would want large double front doors leading into a open hallway with those split staircases that meet in the middle in front of you. Each room would have to have high ceilings and tall windows to let in lots of light, and of course outside would have to have pool/bar area and tennis courts. 

If I could have any garden...

Some of the things I mention above being the pool and tennis courts, but I would also love to have stables and paddock for horses, and track area to go quad biking and a beautiful lake running through for peaceful summer afternoons where you can just listen to the animals and river running past which to me is so soothing. 

If I could be on holiday right now...

 If I could be on holiday I would be travelling the world, I couldn't stick to one place. I would be road tripping around America which is a dream of mine, and seeing more of Europe and have time to spend in places to really get a feel for the culture and the people. 

If I could have any job right now...

If I could have any job right now it would be to be blogging full time and to have my own small boutique shop. I would love to help more people with my fitness side of things and help people get into shape and be the best person they can be.

If I could have any Talent...

This is a hard one, there are so many things that I would love to be able to do. I would love to be able to talk to my dog for starters because I feel like he would have so much to say and also to be a fly on the wall and have the ability to listen to others conversations without them realising. 

That was so much fun, and great to be able to disappear into your own world for a while and dream big. 

I now these people to carry on the tag and if you want to give it a go for yourself be sure to join in and tag me or leave a comment below with your answers.

Kayleigh - Couture Girl
Emma - Emtalks

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Smoothie Recipe: Orange Avocado


Good Afternoon my Lovlies, Hope you are well this Sunday afternoon? I am currently writing this post waiting for my lunch to cook and looking at pictures of this smoothie and talking about fresh fruit is making me so hungry! I went to the gym today which I don't feel was a great session as I was not really feeling in the right mind set but I pushed on and got it done. 

So on with todays post and I thought I would share another smoothie recipe with you guys and I love trying new smoothies they are so yummy and fun to make and will only take a few minutes to make. 
Today's smoothie has a mix of Oranges, Avocado and Mango and is a great mix of flavours and textures.


- 1/2 Avocado
- 3 Oranges
- 1/2 Mango

How do:

- Cut up the avocado and Mango into manageable chunks.
- Peel the orange and cut into manageable chunks.
- Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend away.

note: If you want it sweeter just add more mango chunks or oranges to what ever taste you like.

Hope you guys enjoy this smoothie and give it a go, if you do be sure to use #topdrawfashion so I can see your creations and comment below! 

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Monday, 15 February 2016

New beauty Purchases

Hello my beauties, Hope your all well and had a great Valentines Day yesterday? We didn't do too much for Valentines day except watched the series Suits and cooked a nice meal. It was nice just to spend some relaxing time together. What did you guys get up too?

So a few weeks ago I ran out of my under eye highlighter and kept forgetting to go out and buy a new one. So I finally made the effort to go out shopping and get myself one, and it was a tough choice because when you get so used to something it can be hard to drag yourself away. I had been watched so many you tubers using the Mac Prep + Prime and the results looks great so I thought I would give it a go. 

So off I went into MAC which is very dangerous for me as I get sucked in by all the colours and beautiful products and end up spending a fortune, does anyone else get that? So I forced myself to walk in there get the prep + prime and walk back out which I successfully did. 

I also went into boots to get myself some City Block from Clinique which I love. This stuff is amazing its an SPF 25 protector so will protect your skin from and UV damage which is also to be worn in winter and it also protects you from pollutants in the air. So its a great skin protector so had to get myself another one.

The last product that I purchased was my holy grail Bio Oil, now I can not live without this stuff it is amazing and I use it every day without fail. I put this on the bottom half of my legs after I have had a shower as it evens out my skin tones and helps reduce any scaring so a nice all rounder.

MAC Prep and Prime
MAC Prep + Prime | £19.00 2.2ml

Clinique City Block
Clinique City Block | £18.00 40ml

Bio Oil

Bio Oil | £12.00 125ml

If you have any posts or reviews on any of the products I have talked about here I would love to see them and hear what you think of them.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Nutrition Series 1: How much of a role so your genetics really play in our body?

Hello my beauties, Hope your all doing well? If you follow along with my blog you will know that I have started doing a nutiriton course as I wanted to learn more about how our body works, what foods are good and bad for us and how our body reacts with food. So I asked on twitter what you would like to see more now and some responses were that you would like to hear more about what I have been learning, so I thought I would start a nutrition series on what I have been learning.

We all know that when we are born we all inherit things from our parents some parts from our mum and some parts from our dad. Many people have often believed that diseases, illness and traits are automatically come from our parents but actually only 10% of human diseases is a result of genetics so 95% is not genetically determined. 

All of your cells in your body have the same DNA but the way these are expressed to become certain cells such as a heart cell or a hair call is determined by what we eat and our environment. Which means that we can change the way certain parts of our DNA are read and implemented in our body.

Now that we know that we what we eat and what we do controls our genes here are a few things that our genes can be changed by:

- What we eat, drink, breathe and touch
- How we feel
- What we do 
- What we think and belive
- How we live
- What we perceive (real or imagined)

But lastly even if someone is predisposed to having a health problem such as cancer or obesity we can keep them dormant or counteract their activity by improving our nutrition and the way we live which will change the cell behaviour. 

So that is it for the first series, I hope this was an interesting insight to what I have been learning and hope you guys follow along to see what else i've been learning. 

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentines Day gift guide for her

Hello my beauties, how are you? So valentines day is fast approaching and I'm not sure how we have managed to get into Feb so quickly, I remembering it just being New Year like it was yesterday! So I thought I would pull together some great gift ideas for you and I hope you like them. 

Moet Champagne | £54.99

Hope you guys like my gift ideas, do comment below and leave your thoughts I would love to hear from you.

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