Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Favourites

Hello my lovelies, I can't believe this is my last post of January it has been such a crazy month but I have really enjoyed it. I set off 2016 with some resolutions which you can find here and so far I think I am on track and have been keeping up with them except one which is my Personal Training course as I am saving up for that so might take a little while. I have managed to post every 5 days in January so planning on keeping this up and bringing you guys regular interesting content.

So todays post I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on things that I have been loving in January as this will be my last post of the month, So lets dive in and have a look.

Gosh Primer | £12.99 - £9.99

First up is my Gosh Foundation Primer, I have been wearing this everyday with my make up and has become a staple item in my makeup routine.  I just use one pump of the gel like product onto my face and it smooths out everything on my face ready for my foundation. the product itself is very lightweight and doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin which is perfect. I have a second primer from Gosh which is the primer Plus which I want to also try so will give you guys a review when I have used this too see which one I prefer.

This palette is a absolute must have, I got this for christmas and wasn't sure how much I would use it really as there are so many colours but to my amazement I have been using it a lot. I don't have a all over even skin tone so this palette has been great for cancelling out any redness I have and any blemishes that come through so you can really target the areas of your face that you want to. 

Up until about 3 months ago I never used to really wear much mascara, mainly because it it takes so much to take if off again before bed, then it never all comes off and you find yourself with black eyes in the morning. I was previously using Benefits Roller Lash and that made me fall back in love with wearing mascara again, but that ran out so I got this Mac False Lash Mascara for christmas and I was pleasantly surprised. I get on really well with this mascara its very light weight so doesn't leave any clumps and I find it very easy to take off in the evenings. 

This is an old product that I have had for a little while now but I have been using it so much recently for any quick and simple looks, the eye shadows are great subtle colours that give you a soft elegant look. The bronzer is also for a great subtle edge look it doesn't look like you gone crazy with the contour but that you have a natural shadow there to define your face.

Have you got any January favourites I would love to see them.

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Monday, 25 January 2016

Smoothie: Cool Strawberry

Hello Lovies! So I am back today with another Smoothie Recipe and its nice and simple which is always a bonus so lets get into it,


1 Banana
1 cup of Strawberries
1 Large Orange 
4 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt

How to:

1. Cut up the banana, strawberries and orange and put into the blender.
2. Put the plain Greek yogurt in after and blitz away.

Hope you like it, and would love to see your re creations and see what you think use #topdrawfashion on twitter or instagram.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How I get soft silky hair with L'oreal Extraordinary Oil

Hey Beauties, How are you all today? Today I just wanted to give you guys an update on what I do with my hair and a quick trick I found on keeping your hair silky smooth. I have been doing this trick now about every 10 days on my hair and it feels so silky after its amazing and is so quick and easy to do in a few easy steps.

With all the heat we put in or hair and pulling around when blow drying it can leave your hair to become dry and damaged over time, so I use the L'oreal Extraordinary oil to keep it fresh and healthy. 

So what I do is when it the day when I need to wash my hair which is generally every other day I will pump some of the oil into my hair and start massaging it into the roots of my hair. I will then take more oil and continue to put the oil all the way through my hair so its completely covered my hair. A good tip I learnt while doing the is starting at the top and sectioning pieces off so you don't miss anywhere.
I will then leave this in my hair for a good hour which then leads to the washing it out part which takes a while for me as I have quite long hair.

I shampoo my hair about 2-3 times to make sure all of the oil is out because I have been caught out before and not washed it all out and when Ive started drying my hair there was a section which was still oily so I have to go back and wash that part out.. quite frustrating as you can imagine. 

Once your hair is all washed and dried you will have super soft silky hair! 

Hope you like this post, and if you have tried the L'oreal Extraordinary oil I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Smoothie: Pineapple Punch

Hello Beauties, Hope we are all well? I have tried being a little more organised this year and so far I feel like I am getting a little bit better, and a little better at getting things done when I don't feel like it.  Have you guys been keeping up wit your New Year resolutions so far?

So as part of me trying to get more healthy and fit this year I am trying to find and come up with new Smoothies and hopefully recipes for you all to keep on track or help you towards your fitness goals. So todays post is a new smoothie which I have now fallen in love with, it is so yummy its unreal and I hope you feel the same if you give it a go. 

So with out further ado here is my Pineapple Punch Smoothie:


1/4 Pineapple
1/2 Lime Juice
1/2 Banana 
6 Tablespoons of Low Far Greek Yogurt
1 1/2 Kiwis

How to:

1) Cut all the banana and Pineapple into manageable pieces and put into the blender.
2) Peel the Kiwis and cut into manageable pieces and also put into the blender. 
3) Measure out 6 tablespoons of low fat yogurt into the blender with the lime juice and then blend all together. 

Hope you like this smoothie as much as I did - Let me know if you recreate it I would love to hear what you think.

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

Hello my Beautiful People, Can't believe the first week of January has already passed and so quickly. Really shows how fast life and really pass you by so quickly. This week has been a really chilled out week, my fiancĂ© also had the week off so has been nice spending some time together. 
This post is all about what I got for Christmas this year, and this year was almightily different to other years. I asked for presents that I know I will be needing in the coming months so that I don't have to spend so much as I now have a mortgage to pay so trying to save some money.

For this post I have broken it down into small groups of gifts from where they are from, I am not going to be posting the prices of how much these things cost as they are christmas presents and I don't think its quite right to be going round to check how much everything costs.

MAC - I do love to have a splurge in MAC every so often, I could spend hours in there and probably also spend a small fortune too. So this Christmas I asked for their mini brush set that came out just before christmas and I just love the handle colours of these brushes. I had just started to run out of my Benefit mascara and so I thought it was the perfect time to try another mascara. So I will be trying this False Lashes Mascara during January so I will do a review to see what I think of it. Next up are two new additions to my lip collection which are Whirl Lip Pencil and Fanfare lipstick. I am loving these colours and will do some swatches of my growing collection of lipsticks.

NYX is up next and these little goodies and are my first products that I have got from NYX so am really excited to try them out and see how I get on with them. Firstly I got Lip Primer and I have never had one before so am interested to see how well this works and how well it keeps my lipstick on. I am hoping it works really well as I am quite excited to try this product out. Next two up are my new Matte Lip Creams, I have seen so many people wearing the Matte lip colours and so had to get a couple of colours to try out. The pink colour creme is called Milan and the more neutral toned colour is called Athens. Lastly we have the NYX Colour Correcting Concealer, the colours look so pretty I really don't want to touch them - Do you ever feel like that? I was looking to get some concealers of different colours to go under my eyes after a tired few days and I stumbled over this product which has them all in one, how great is that. 

Clarins Mini - I love getting these packs from Clarins they give such variety of products, so in this mini bag I got the Night Cream, Multi-Active Day Cream and an Exfoliating Cleaner. I have used the night and Day cream before and do love using these products, I have not tried the exfoliating cleanser yet so am excited to try this out and see how we get on. 

Clarins - Another few great additions to the Clarins family with this bag which is the Double Serum and the Eye Gel. The Night and Day cream we already have in the other pack but always great to have a little extra and a back up. 

Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe given you a few ideas of what to get with some christmas money you might have got. Cant wait to do some reviews on these products and tell you all about them. 

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Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Resolution 2016!

Happy New Year my beauties! I hope you all had an amazing night? I spent the evening with my family which was lovely as my brother had just come back from Vegas for Christmas. 
As it is New Year and time for fresh starts it is only customary to do New Year resolutions, What I have learnt from planning at work and making previous resolutions is to not make too many otherwise you won't do them all and feel bad and possibly give up, making sure your targets are achievable in the time frame you have set and lastly - ENJOY making the changes in your life and the new journey you are making for yourself. 

So without further ado here are my New Year Resolutions-

Start posting more regular content on my blog
Last year was such a hectic year with changing jobs and moving out my blog really took a back seat, So this year I really want things to change especially as I want to become a full time blogger and also do Personal Training and give you guys the best fitness advice I possibly can. 

Start earning more money on the side to my day job to make the steps to becoming self employed
As I mentioned above I want to become a full time blogger and also Personal Train, and I know these things do not happen over night. Thats why this year I want to concentrate on my blog content and getting the best quality out to you lovely readers as possible. Once I am able to cover the costs of my mortgage monthly I will make the exciting leap to become self employed which I am so excited about. 

Finish my Nutrition course
I started my Nutritional course last year and as mentioned above with everything going on I have not been able to finish it which I really want to do and am so excited about. From what I have done so far I have already learnt so much and can't wait to learn more and share everything with you.

Do first part of Personal Training
So as you know I want to do my Personal Training Course this year, I did Physical Eduction for my GCSE and A-Level and they were my best marks, also being a gymnast and training all my life its what I feel most natural doing and know its here I am most knowledgable, and can't wait to start learning more and taking it further.

I will do a 6 month review on my resolutions to see where I am, If you want to get involved and join me please do feel free and would love to hear what your resolutions are for 2016.

Good Luck with all your resolutions!

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