Sunday, 22 November 2015

New Purchases from Reebok

Hello my beauties, How have you been this week? This week has been a bit of a crazy week for me I found out that my contract at work is not being renewed which means I will be looking for another job at the end of the year which is a bit of a bummer around christmas time but hey thats the life of a contractor. Its kind of nice time as it means I get an extended christmas holiday, but then also thinking about my career and what I really want. I am going to be looking into doing my Personal Training course as fitness is my first passion being a gymnast which will be interesting. If any of you guys are PTs I would love to hear from you can get some feedback. 

This nicely leads onto my post for today, which is about some new purchases I made from Reebok. I went shopping to buy a couple of things and walked past the window of Reebok then find myself strolling in and picking up two lovely items, the first being this beautiful florescent sports bra and the second a slogan T-Shirt. I couldn't find the t-shirt on the website but their prices range between £20-£30. 

If you have bought anything from Reebok recently I would love to know what you have been buying.

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  1. LOVE the sports bra!
    Jabeen x

  2. I love the watch and the candle. Might have to buy these for myself! X

    1. Thanks hun, They are gorgeous right.. Yes you defiantly should if you do let me know what you think of them xx


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