Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Series 1: Do you know how much sugar you really drink?

Hello my Sugars, So this week I have decided to do a little series about sugar and how much we really consume in our every day food and drink and what it really means when we consume too much.
My mum has always told me to stop having sugar in my tea and I will always go along with it and say yes one day but I can not give it up in a daily cup of tea. I have been brought up with quite healthy food I was never allowed fruit juice and fizzy drinks as a child and too this day even when I have the choice I tend to go for water. The only times I really have fizzy drink is when I am having a Nando's or McDonalds.

Sugar is found is everything we eat so there is defiantly no avoiding it, but we can keep an eye on how much we consume so we don't go over board. 
As an adult we should not eat any more than 30g of sugar a day, which is about 7 sugar cubes.

For todays post I am going to see how much sugar is actually in the drinks we consume everyday and to make it fair I have based my measurements on 100ml of each drink. You can read these measurements yourself on the front or sides of any packet. 

First up we have our good old friend coke, everyone goes on about how much sugar is in coke so I wanted to find out and I was shocked at what I found. 

In 100ml of coke there is 10 Grams of sugar, to me that is a lot of sugar in such a small amount of liquid. 

Here is a fruit cocktail drink from Sainsbury's I am not a fan of having fruit juices in my fridge but my fiancé loves them so as they say -Pick your battles. In this fruit drink there is 6.2 grams of sugar per 100ml. This is slightly less that coke so is not so bad.

Lastly I chose coconut water as I thought it would be a good comparison, don't be fooled to think that because it has water in the name that it does not have any sugar in it. Per 100ml Coconut water has 5 Grams of sugar.

I hope this helps puts how much sugar are in some drinks a little bit clearer. I know it has definitely made me start to think twice about how much sugar actually goes into my body. Do let me know in the comments below what you think.

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