Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mac: Cleanse off oil review

Hey Lovelies, 
Sorry this post is a few days later than normal I had a super busy weekend and was obviously not organised enough to get this post done in time.
Todays post I wanted to do a review on the Mac Cleanse off oil that I have been using recently. 

I went on a huge shopping spree in MAC as you do and one of the bits I picked up was the cleanse off oil. I picked up the small pack as I couldn't resist all the small goodies that are put by the counter. I love picking up the mini versions of products to try out because they are great sizes and honestly they are cheaper so I don't have to spend too much money on products that I potentially might not get on with. 

I love finding a good makeup remover that is soft on my skin and doesn't dry it out or cause any breakouts. I have defiantly found a few and this MAC Cleanse off oil is defiantly one of them. I have been using it for a just over a week and I have not broken out and my skin has stayed soft and fresh looking. 

With this product I just put a few pumps of the oil onto the tips of my fingers and then rub it into my skin, and my makeup just comes right off with such ease. Once I am happy I have taken off all the makeup on my face I wanted I then just rinse it off with warm water an pat dry with a towel. 
With some makeup removers my face will often come out red and will look like I have just taken my makeup but with this product I don't get that which I love. 

That is all for my review today, I hope you liked it and please do let me know below if you have tried this product and what other product you like to use.  

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