Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Colourful Crunch Smoothie

Welcome back my beauties, I hope you have all had a good week? This week as I have been going through my nutrition course and learning how much goodness are in our vegetables and fruit I really wanted to come up with some more smoothies with some variety.
With this in mind I have made this delicious smoothie with a mix of summer fruits and vegetables making it a good all round smoothie fill with so many vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system going and energy levels up.

This smoothie was very quick and easy to make I just chopped up my cucumber into manageable pieces and then popped all of the ingredients into the blender - pressed the button and away it went and was blended nicely in under a minute. 

I hope you like this smoothie and give it a try - Let me know if you do and #topdrawfashion for your re-creations. 


  • One handful of Blueberries
  • One handful of Raspberries
  • 150ml Water
  • 1 Whole Lime
  • One handful of Spinach
  • Half a Cucumber
  • Tablespoon of Chia Seeds

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Mac: Cleanse off oil review

Hey Lovelies, 
Sorry this post is a few days later than normal I had a super busy weekend and was obviously not organised enough to get this post done in time.
Todays post I wanted to do a review on the Mac Cleanse off oil that I have been using recently. 

I went on a huge shopping spree in MAC as you do and one of the bits I picked up was the cleanse off oil. I picked up the small pack as I couldn't resist all the small goodies that are put by the counter. I love picking up the mini versions of products to try out because they are great sizes and honestly they are cheaper so I don't have to spend too much money on products that I potentially might not get on with. 

I love finding a good makeup remover that is soft on my skin and doesn't dry it out or cause any breakouts. I have defiantly found a few and this MAC Cleanse off oil is defiantly one of them. I have been using it for a just over a week and I have not broken out and my skin has stayed soft and fresh looking. 

With this product I just put a few pumps of the oil onto the tips of my fingers and then rub it into my skin, and my makeup just comes right off with such ease. Once I am happy I have taken off all the makeup on my face I wanted I then just rinse it off with warm water an pat dry with a towel. 
With some makeup removers my face will often come out red and will look like I have just taken my makeup but with this product I don't get that which I love. 

That is all for my review today, I hope you liked it and please do let me know below if you have tried this product and what other product you like to use.  

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Series 1: Do you know how much sugar you really drink?

Hello my Sugars, So this week I have decided to do a little series about sugar and how much we really consume in our every day food and drink and what it really means when we consume too much.
My mum has always told me to stop having sugar in my tea and I will always go along with it and say yes one day but I can not give it up in a daily cup of tea. I have been brought up with quite healthy food I was never allowed fruit juice and fizzy drinks as a child and too this day even when I have the choice I tend to go for water. The only times I really have fizzy drink is when I am having a Nando's or McDonalds.

Sugar is found is everything we eat so there is defiantly no avoiding it, but we can keep an eye on how much we consume so we don't go over board. 
As an adult we should not eat any more than 30g of sugar a day, which is about 7 sugar cubes.

For todays post I am going to see how much sugar is actually in the drinks we consume everyday and to make it fair I have based my measurements on 100ml of each drink. You can read these measurements yourself on the front or sides of any packet. 

First up we have our good old friend coke, everyone goes on about how much sugar is in coke so I wanted to find out and I was shocked at what I found. 

In 100ml of coke there is 10 Grams of sugar, to me that is a lot of sugar in such a small amount of liquid. 

Here is a fruit cocktail drink from Sainsbury's I am not a fan of having fruit juices in my fridge but my fiancé loves them so as they say -Pick your battles. In this fruit drink there is 6.2 grams of sugar per 100ml. This is slightly less that coke so is not so bad.

Lastly I chose coconut water as I thought it would be a good comparison, don't be fooled to think that because it has water in the name that it does not have any sugar in it. Per 100ml Coconut water has 5 Grams of sugar.

I hope this helps puts how much sugar are in some drinks a little bit clearer. I know it has definitely made me start to think twice about how much sugar actually goes into my body. Do let me know in the comments below what you think.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Whats in my handbag

Hey Girlies, How are you all doing this weekend? I am so glad we have had a sunny weekend it always makes me feel so much happier. So this week I thought I would give you a sneaky peak as to what is in my handbag. I don't actually have as much now as I used to, I used to carry the world in my bag but I have cut that down since to the essentials that I need.

So first up is my Michael Kors Handbag, I got this handbag for Christmas and have not looked back I love this bag so much as it is so useful. It doubles up for a laptop bag also as it has a padded middle compartment to put your laptop in, and also other smaller compartments for your I-Pad and Phone. 
I have often had this bag filled to the max where I could not possibly put another thing in it and it still goes strong. 

Prada Purse | £415

Next up is my trusty Prada purse, I know these purses can be quite pricey but I strongly believe that if you pay a bit more for your staple items they will look after you for years and is exactly what this purse has done. I have had my purse for over 5 years now and is still just as good as when I got it. 
It has 12 card holder compartments, and areas for cash, coins and two extra side pockets for any thing extra you want to hold onto. I have often had so many coins in my purse that its been hard to close but it has never broken on me or stretched so looks the same as when I got it. 

These are my got o sunglasses which are always in my handbag for the sunny day. These are the best pair of glasses that I have owned so I defiantly look after them the best I can. These glasses have polarised lenses and I had no idea what this meant before I went to the shop to get them and now I would not have my sunglasses any other way. 
Polarised lenses protect your eyes that it more and stop any of the shine that you get from the sun of metal objects. 

Aloe Lip Seal | £2.99
Mac Lipstick | £15.50

These three are my little handy must haves in my bag, my Lip seal that I use every day to keep my lips hydrated and feeling soft, My lipgloss if I fancy a bit of shimmer and shine and finally my lipstick if I am ever going out for an evening and I can always just pop a bit on and I'm ready. 

Diesel Perfume | £33.00

Next up I have mu Diesel perfume, I think I actually got this last Christmas but didn't use it for a few months and then fell in love with it and soon became my handy go to perfume in my handbag. I think one of the things I love about this perfume (after from the smell) is the design of the bottle a black heart. It some how reminds me of the moment Carrie got a black engagement ring from Big in Sex and the City.

Hand Sanitiers | £1.00

This is definite must in my handbag I always have to have a Anti-Bacterial hand gel. I get the train too and from work everyday so as soon as I get to work I get the hand gel out. Its a great handy size that just slips in my bag and is always there when I need it.

I got this as a sample one day from Clinique and I have never looked back, it is one of the only moisturisers that has not left my hands feeling sticky or oily it actually leaves them feeling soft and moisturised. I would defiantly recommend having hand cream in your bag.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what is in my bag - Please do leave some links to what you have in your bag I would love to hear them.

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