Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My current workout

So its been a while since I have done an update on my fitness regime and I have made some changes so thought I would share this with you all. 

To start with I always get myself a few glasses of water to make sure I am always hydrated. Its so essential to stay hydrated and you can see the reasons why in a previous post here.

So I always start my workouts at the moment with the cross trainer for about 10-15 minutes, this gets your hearth rate up to get a good blood flow around your body to those important muscles. I also like using the cross trainer because it is low impact and I can feel my legs and bum working before I have even finished which are the areas I am really focusing my training on at the moment. 

Once I have finished with the cross trainer I will do a good 10 minute stretch so my body is prepared for working out. It is very important to do a good work out before you train so that you don't pull any muscles and injure yourself. 

I start off by putting two of my ankles weights onto one leg and do 40 Kick backs from a kneeling position. With this exercise I found it to be more effective if I am on my elbows and now hands and kicking your leg backhand you to the ceiling.

I then move onto 30 donkey kicks straight after my kicks back with no rest. These exercises are really targeting your bum muscles and back of your legs and are great to do one after the other.

I then encorporate my weights bar, I have a 2kilo bar with four weights of 2.5 kilos each. I do 30 squats  at this weight. With squats making sure you are concentrating that you are doing it right so you do not injure yourself and also that you are doing the correct technique. You can see my post here as to how to do them properly.

Staying with the weights I move onto doing 20 curtsies. Standing with feet shoulder width apart and the bar on your shoulders. All you do is step behind in a diagonal position as if you were doing a curtsie. 

Lastly moving onto the stomach exercises I will hold plank position for 30 seconds and trying to increase this each time I do it. This is targeting your core area which is essential for that flat stomach and will support your body doing everyday tasks.

I will then do a warm down making sure all my muscles are stretched out so I am not too stiff the next day and also have a protein shake after just to repair my muscles so they are not so sore the next day.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions please do get in touch I always love hearing from you.

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