Monday, 23 March 2015

Setting your own goals!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I am not sure if many of you have noticed, but I have made an addition to my top bar to include a section on My Business. This has come from a post I did previously HERE about a company I started working for called Forever Living not so long ago and who's focus is around health and wellbeing. I am not going to get into detail around it but do stop by and have a little nosey around. 

This post has come about due to my ever growing list of dreams and crazy ideas of what I want to achieve from life, and if you ask anyone I know they will tell you how extravagant and big my dreams are and they don't seem to stop, Does anyone else find that?

So due to the very nature of my every growing dreams and aspirations which include buying hotels, flats and traveling around america... I always come back to earth with a bit of a bump when someone says 'So how are you going to pay for all that' and point I generally just breeze over and say i'll figure that out at some point. So when I started to sit down and really take it all seriously I clearly had to think of the money side of this situation I had going on in my brain, and then the numbers started running into hundreds of thousands and so I thought... mmmm... How am I actually going to achieve all this? So I came up with a plan...

Have any of you written a life plan of what you want to achieve and by when? It can be pretty difficult especially when looking at things realistically and how long things take to get done. So a vague overview of my plan as it stands is to move out with my fiancé this year, get married the year after (2016) then the year after to go travelling around America. These are only three things over the next three years but then looking at the logistics certainly made me think. To make this achievable I have set myself small goals for each week, and month so these build up to the bigger picture and should hopefully keep me motivated. 

Another way to keep myself motivated is by creating a vision board, and these are amazing and so much fun to make. All you need to a wall mount, be it a white board, cork board or even just plain piece of card, then think of things in life you want to achieve and google them and pick the picture that will inspire you the most. Once you have a selection of pictures print them out and stick them on your board. It is that simple, and then you can put in which ever area of the house that suits you. I have mine on the wall opposite my bed so that I see it every morning when I wake up and every time I walk out of my room. It just gives me that little reminder to keep going. 

This is all from me, I hope you have enjoyed this post and would love to hear if any of you have created any life plans or their own vision board. 

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  1. Thank you very much for this post! It’s really interesting!
    Fell in love with your blog! You did a great job!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. No problem hun I am glad you enjoyed it and you love my blog that means a lot! aww wow thats amazing I love her :) xxx


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