Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fruity Tootie Smoothie

So when I sat down doing some research around healthy smoothies I was thinking about how I could be slightly more productive in the preperation process and making ready made portions so I could just put all the ingredients in the blender and blitz away with out taking the time before hand to cut the fruit up and measure things out. 
Then my mum was talking to me about these ready made smoothie packs that Tesco have for sale, which are packs of ready chopped frozen fruit. This was perfect and just what I needed so I made a trip to Tesco to get some.

I bought three packs as they initially looked quite small and I was not sure how many drinks I would get out of them, which was ideal really as one pack lasted me for three and a half drinks which I thought was great value for money. 
The packs are made up of Strawberries, Banana and Pineapple all of which I love and each have great vitamin properties within themselves. An additional benefit is that the fruit is frozen which is better than Fresh because it freezes all the goodness of the fruit ready for when you want to use them.

When making my smoothie it initially was trial an error to see which measurements worked best and to get the right consistency but I got there in the end. I mixed in milk, coconut water and ice cube which gave it great texture and flavour not to mention the additional nutrients. 
So without me going on anymore here is how I made my Fruity Tootie!

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Urban Decay : All Nighter Setting Spray

Urban Decay all nighted setting spray

Urban Decay all nighted setting spray

Hey Guys,

So its the day after Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a good day? My FiancĂ©e took me out for dinner which was so yummy, We had Scollops to start, Duck for main and Passionfruit Cheesecake for pudding. I put the pictures up on my Instagram page for you guys to see. 

I spent a long time debating what to wear and how to have my hair and makeup - I think I was watching YouTube Videos for about a week solid! One product I knew I would be using was my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, The more YouTube videos I watched I noticed quite a few people using it, and mentioned that it did the job and really helped in keeping their makeup in place for a night out. So I knew I would be safe!

I applied all my make up for the night which I was taking forever over making sure it all looked right,  I nearly got a bit lost with time when putting my makeup on by getting so engrossed with what I was doing... has anyone else had that? 
Once all was done it was time for the setting spray, I shook the bottle as the instructions said and held it a good distance from my face and sprayed away. Quite a lot comes out in one spray and give quite a lot of coverage so you do not need to spray it that many times. I only sprayed twice and found that plenty to cover my face as you can feel it hitting your face so you can tell where it is settling. 
I was not sure how my face was going to feel after putting the spray on, I thought I would feel the product on my face after but I didn't feel anything and it just sat on my makeup perfectly. 

So onto the Pit and Peaks of the product:

Pit of the Product:

Again I think I would have to say the price, It is a spray so do not think you can charge that much especially when the travel version is only £9. If you are using this on a weekly basis it would start becoming quite costly. 

Peak of the Product:

It defiantly set my makeup for my night out and my make up did not budge once, normally my eye liner will somehow make its way to my lower lash line sometimes but this did not happen once. I was happy with my makeup at the end of night and looked the same as when I applied it. 

Hope you guys liked this post, If you have used this All Nighter Setting Spray I would love to hear your comments below.

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Staying Motivated When Working Out

I am defiantly one of those guilty people who procrastinate and loose concentration quite easily which can lead me to become lazy and unmotivated. Then I will be randomly listening to some music or see some posts on my Instagram feed and I will get this bubbly exciting feeling in my stomach and become motivated again. That is when I realised it only takes a few simple triggers to get my motivation back. So I thought I would share with you some of the things which keep me motivated when I am feeling a little worse for wear and hopefully help you guys too! 

Setting Realistic Timings

I know that I am not always in the mood to work out and as my Fiancee is a chef his days off change every week so my training times also change weekly. If I said I was going to train 5 days a week I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with this. So I have said to myself I will train a minimum twice a week. This fits in with my schedule and I will feel good when I have hit my targets. If I set a goal of training 5 times a week and then miss a few days I am going to feel unmotivated which is going to set me back. So setting realistic goals is key to staying motivated.

Setting Goals / Targets

I am the kind of person who is impatient and wants everything to happen at once, So setting goals is a very important part of my training, and it took me to some time to actually work out and to set realistic targets for myself. To achieve your goals you have to change your daily habits and in order for you to change your daily habits you have to create new ones. I have set small goals for myself everyday which are simple and do not take long but in the long run and over time will make a big difference. So setting realistic goals for yourself if important. 

Change Things Up

As you get into a routine when training and doing certain exercises repeatedly your body will start to get used to them, as this happens it means your not pushing your body any further which means your not getting any fitter. So I like to change things up every so often and am always looking out for new exercises to do, new techniques so that my body does not get used to the same exercises. Once I've switched things up my muscles hurt a lot more the next day which is good and means my body has had to work that bit harder which means progress.

Make A Great Playlist

One of things I learnt and I am sure is common with most of you is that after you have listened to a good song your always in a better mood? This also applies to when I am working out, I have to have my favourite up beat songs playing to keep me going. When I was working out at home I used to play my music from my laptop to fill the room which was great, but when I started putting my ear phones in I felt like I could focus more and is drowned out any other unnecessary noises that would distract me. I am also always changing my playlists when new music comes out so that I don't get bored of listening to the same music every week. 

Get Some Inspiration

With the amazing invention of Instagram sharing photos and having access to inspiration got a lot easier especially with the #WCW hashtag (Women Crush Wednesday). So what better way to find some inspiration than have a browse and see how they they get their bodies. There are so many fitness pages out there which give great tips for exercise and what food are best. 
Here are some of the pages I follow: Katyaelisehenry, Noraclairefitness, Metishafitness, Fithealthyworkouts. Do you follow any of these if not which ones do you follow?

I hope this post has helped and have enjoyed it, If you have any other ways of staying motivated I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

PRODUCT LAUNCH - Forever Living

Todays post is a little different as I am not reviewing any products but am talking about a recent opportunity that I have just taken up. As I am currently saving to move out and being overly ambitious about what I want from my life I figured I need to make some more money other than my regular income, so Thats why I joined Forever Living. 

I had heard about Forever Living a few times and had been approached by a few people about their products and opportunities but had always felt like it was too good to be true, and was a bit sceptical. However, as it so happens at a family dinner I found out that my fiancee's cousin was involved I thought it was a great time to ask her some more questions. After some long conversations.. and lunch time catch up she showed me some of the products and a few months later I joined in myself. 

We generally do a product launch at home with family and friends, so I thought I would do one on my blog to show you all what I'm up to and what its all about.

When you sign up, you automatically become part of a team, It starts as a team of 2 being yourself (me) and the person that introduced you to Forever. The person/mentor that introduces you to the company will be just that the person to help you sell products, help you through time times when you feel its not working, the person to share the success when its going well and most importantly your go to person. I have included at the bottom of this post the selection of products you get when you join Forever which is an amazing selection.

I am very lucky to have my mentor being  a family member and also it showed me that the company is not just a fade but is sustainable and a great way of making extra money and can also match your main income if you are willing to put the work it. 

The company ethos is about helping others and thats the whole point, in order to do well yourself you need to help others. Your are the face of the brand and so whilst you are helping selling the products, you also have the opportunity to involve others be it friends or colleagues. When you help get someone else in the company you are helping yourself go from a supervisor role to manager. 
When you become manager you are instilled to more opportunities and to help you better yourself to a easier life with a better income and easier way of living. 

The main product of the company is Aloe Vera, and is the basis of all of their products. Aloe Vera it self has a huge numbers of benefits which have been seen world wide. The benefits of Aloe include supporting the immune system, Help digestion, huge source of vitamins and also supporting hair growth. If you don't believe me you can read Marie Claire's review here.

I love all my products and as I have been using them for a good few weeks now, I have really noticed the difference, My hair feel healthier, and mu skin has changed as I have been using the face wash. 
I am not going to go through all of the products now as this post would end up being far too long, So I will be doing a series of posts on the different products that I have using and giving you my verdict.

If you are interesting in joining my journey or want to hear more of what Forever is all about please do feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to take your through what its all about and show you the opportunities that Forever can give you. 
You can also find my shop here if you want to browse more of the products we sell and find out more about the company.

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