Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Switching life up!

Hey Guys,
So as you may have noticed I have not been posting much recently, mostly because I had a lot going on and partly because my heart wasn't into things so much I was not feeling motivated to get up and get things done. So I took some time out for myself to try and get that motivation back, I had booked a holiday so was the perfect timing really to get some perspective on life. 

I have always known what I have wanted in life, but sometimes daily life can begin to drain you of the 'Bigger Picture', and seeing what is beyond that day, week or even month. When I start to get these feelings I know its time to pull myself back and take some time out for myself to re-evaluate and that is what I have done. 

I started reading this amazing book called The 1% Principle, and it totally changed my way of thinking. It talks about taking 1% out of your day to do something different, and something for yourself to improve on yourself. By using this principle of 1% it does not take a lot of time or effort, but when doing it every day it real makes a difference and then becomes habit. 

So I sat down and scribbled down the parts of my life I wanted to improve upon and what I wanted out from life. I then bought a book and wrote these down on the front page so that I had a vision of what I wanted to do and where I want to go in my life. I wrote things down such as keeping up with my blog, Learning Greek (because I am 1/2 Greek), Starting my own business, reading more books, these are a few but you get the idea. 

So every day I will be writing my achievements I have done that day over the course of a year, then after that year i will be reassessing where I am in my life and see what I have achieved. I will do updates and certain times in the year to keep you guys up to date, if you want to hear about them?!

I hope this inspires some of you to maybe motivate yourself to maybe start something you have been meaning to start, If it has please do let me know I would love to hear your stories. 

Catch up soon 

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  1. I also have been trying to change something in my life and reading books is actually a great way to feel inspired and let all the stress out. Good luck! Keep on writing! :)

    1. Thats great to hear! Yes i defiantly agree, lets you sort of escape also which is nice :) ... thank you xxx

  2. The 1% Principle makes sense. In the past I've let too many days slip by without doing anything toward achieving my goals, in part because thinking about it all at once seems overwhelming. Doing a little bit every day until it becomes a habit sounds like an excellent plan.

    1. I'm glad it makes sense to you :), Yes that is what I was doing just letting the days go by without doing anything. Hope you stay tuned to see how I get along. xx


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