Sunday, 5 October 2014

Glamglow Super Mud Cleaning Treatment

Glamglow Super mud cleaning treatment

Hey Guys,
Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I can't believe we are already in October. This year has gone so quickly and a little scary that christmas is just around the corner. I am quite looking forward to the winter months now, bringing out all the wooly jumpers, and I even saw a few girls with some gorgeous  winter hats on. So as summer is leaving us and change of weather what better time to introduce you to one of my favourite face masks called Glamglow Super Mud Cleaning Treatment.

I first saw this product being reviewed by one of my favourite bloggers Nicole Guerriero, I love her videos they are great and she has such a amazing bubbly personality. So I knew my skin needed a bit of kick start so I bought myself the Glamglow cleaning treatment, to give my skin a really good deep clean. I was a little apprehensive at first being that I paid £45 which looks like a very small pot.... but... it was well worth the money.

As I opened the box, which has great packaging it comes with a colourful leaflet of all the ingredients which is great as its always good to know what you are putting on your skin after all. In the middle of the box then appears my little pot of product. 

Glamglow Super mud cleaning treatment

Glamglow Super mud cleaning treatment

To apply the product, I washed my face to make sure there was no excess dirt on my skin and then dried it off with a towel. I then scooped out my first bit of product and put it on my face, the product itself is quite thick and spreads smoothly so a little goes a long way. As I was applying the Glamglow to my face I could see it drying very quickly. I left the Glamglow product on for around 10 minutes and could feel my face getting harder which it is the product drying out. 

When my 10 minutes was up, I had a look at my face and I could see areas of my face which were not as good as others so could really see how well the Glamglow product was working. I washed the product off with warm water, it took a little while to get it all off as it really sticks to your face. After rinsing it all off and drying my face, I

put on my normal Clarins moisturiser and my skin felt amazing. The glamglow mud really cleared out my skin and made it feel so soft to touch.

I will defiantly be buying more of these products as they are worth it. 

Have you tried any Glamglow products? I would love to hear your experiences.

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