Monday, 11 August 2014

Bubble Tea Cosmetics Review

Hey Beautiful People....
So I was approached by Bubble Cosmetics to try some of their new products. As you could probably guess by the name they sell bath products to make you not only smell good but feel good. 
I was immediately interested as I don't often venture past my trusty Radox, so I though I would give it a go. 

I received my package in the post a few days later and was happy to see they had sent me two samples, not only that they were of retail size. Normally when samples go out they are a small version as they don't cost so much. I was instantly impressed with this and felt that they cared about their customers. 

Bubble Tea Cosmetics

Bubble Tea Cosmetics

The two products I received were the Lemon Grass and Green Tea Bath Bomb and the hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea shower Gel. I was glad to have two different kind of products to try from their range to give me an insight to what the products are truly like. 

Bubble Tea Cosmetics

So bath time it was and had to make the difficult decision of which product to choose first. I went for the Lemon Grass bath bomb as I had never tried a bath bomb before. I filled my bath up slightly then through the bath bomb in. As I opened the pack I got this amazing scent of Lemon Grass and Green Tea but was not over powering. I left the bath bomb to dissolve in the water and my bathroom was filled with this relaxing smell. As the colour was a very pale yellow it did not turn the colour of my water too much which was nice but was just left with the scents. The scent however did not last for too long about 15 minutes. 

The next product to try was the shower gel, the minute I poured the gel into my hand the strong scent of berry is just amazing. I only put a small amount on in my hand but that is all you need as it goes along way. The texture is smooth and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and light. After my shower and was all dry my skin felt refreshed and still smelt amazing. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and has inspired you to go and get some products for yourself. Please let me know if you have tried any of these products yourself and what you thought of them.

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