Sunday, 29 June 2014

Life Update!

Hello all you lovely people, 

So just a bit of a life update as I'm sure you have noticed i have not posted for a while. 
It has been a crazy few weeks and i have not stopped and had a chance to catch up.

To start with my contract finished at work so was going through a transition period of changing jobs which meant going for interviews and prepping which took so much of my time. 
I then secured a role which was fantastic news and am very happy, so i jetted off to Greece to see some family. If you follow my on Instagram you would have seen some of my holiday posts. 
The days away were amazing and loved spending time with family to really relax.

I then came back and my parents went away for 10 days so was left to look after the house. It was a crazy 10 days with looking after the house, fiancé and starting a new job. Adjusting took some getting used to as i have never been left with the house before. I loved every minute of it and now have the itch to move out and get my own place. 

I have also been feeling so unmotivated so wasn't sure what to do. So i have decided to write a life plan along with a bucket list. I am feeling slightly more motivated now and getting back into the swing of things but is just taking some time. 
Once i have completed my Bucket List i will defiantly be doing a post about it and take you though my experiences. I am really excited about the journeys to come and hope you all stick along for the ride.

Have you started a Bucket List or written a Life plan i would love to hear your experiences and any motivation tips you may have. :)

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  1. I have thought many times about doing a life plan but I like things to be more natural and go with the flow. I don't wanna plan anything just in case it doesn't happen the way I want it to happen.
    Do I have goals? yes. But I prefer to see how they unfold and how I reach things with time.
    If someone told me 5 years ago I was gonna live in UK and do a fashion degree in Uni I would have thought "yeah right, you high or something?" haha

    I can't wait to read the post though, I like to see people's plans and ideas for their life etc :)

    1. yer that is what i have been doing in my life so far, and feel a bit nervous that I'm doing to get to an age and feel like i have not really achieved anything. I totally get about things possibly not going to plan. I have some goals like moving out, few trips like Vegas, and then getting married etc... wow your doing a fashion degree i would have loved to do that :) look forward to writing it and for you to read it. xxx


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