Monday, 26 May 2014

My Pick Of the Week #15

Mary Cohr Soothing Refreshing Gel (30ml) - SAVE 37% - £13.20

This great gel give your legs that instant relief you have been looking for. By helping to fight water retention and puffiness to your legs feet and ankles, you can also use a small amount on your temples to clear your head.
Using warm and cold thermal action will give your tied joints and muscles that extra helping hand. Great times to use this gel would be after air travel, during pregnancy or after vigorous exercise. 

Layla Cosmetic Gel Nail Polish in Power Red (10ml) - SAVE 39% - £6.09

I have told you guys before how i love gel nail polish and now you can do it yourself at home! This brilliant nail varnish is a gorgeous professional red which can be worn for all occasions. The gel lasts for 3-4 weeks with no chipping or scratches.

Once again i bring you some amazing nail wraps which are a must have. These gorgeous wraps last for a long time and this week. These beautiful nude nails with White Poka-Dot spots on them are great for summer, with a white outfit. In the pack are selected nail wraps with and added bit of sparkle. 

Orico U Turn Stretch Mark Elixir (100ml) - SAVE 5% - £24.69

Most of us will have come across our stretch marks at some point in our lives, and we would much rather they disappear. This great product will do just that, containing clinically proven green micro algae bioactive that is rich in peptides and amino acids. It works to increase collagen production and restore your skins natural elasticity. Apply this twice daily in circular motions for best effects. 

I have to have a hand cream by the sides of me while working or out and about, so i defiantly spend time in looking for the best. I have found this great product which is 2% oxygen and a mix of multi-vitamins and essential fatty acids. This is multi active cream for stimulating, detoxifying, cleansing, softening, hydrating and anti-ageing. What more could you want from a hand cream?

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