Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pole Dancing Part 1

So I have taken the plunge and have now started Pole dancing as a way of keeping fit.and though i would be brave and share it all with you.

 Up until a few years ago I was a professional gymnast training 18 hours a week. When i stopped training such long hours I was left with such a gap in my life and didn't know what to do with it really. Then soon enough life took over and i found myself being so busy and now not knowing how i managed to fit so many hours into training. I always like to keep fit and healthy so wanted to try something new and give myself something of a new challenge.

So today i had my second class with my friend today and enjoyed every minute of it. Today was my first group class so i was a little nervous as to how it was going to turn out, but in the end i ended up having such a great time.

We started off with a warm up which included stretching all of your muscles out and getting your blood circulating ready to do some exercise. It was 9:15 in the morning so was feeling a tad tired but this warm up defiantly woke me up. Once we had stretched we did some light exercising which included squats, press-up and sit-ups to get our core muscles working.

We then broke out into our groups and had three to a pole which is good because you then get a small break in-between which trust me when you start out you defiantly need. We did some simple turns around the pole called Juliet, and leading into a backwards spin. Later moving onto some static holds using mostly core strength. We did a small routine at the end linking around 4 moves together to some music which was so much fun. It does feel a little strange and at the beginning i did not feel sexy going round at all but I'm guessing at i am a beginner that might change.

Once we had finished out routines and was nearly time to go we did a cool down which is essential when doing any exercise and you don't want your muscles to seize and and hurt the next day.
Now i can't say that it prevents your muscles from hurting because my muscles feel like jelly even writing this post. My arms are aching the most i think as your are lifting your body weight for the majority of the time.

I will be doing a series of posts on my progression and how things are going, Hope you all follow and see how things are going and even some of you may start yourself.

Have any of you started pole dancing or are already pole dancing yourself?

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  1. Great post hun! I've always been curious about what goes on in a pole dancing class. :)


    1. aww thanks hun, yer me too.. I will keep you updated as i do my classes its so much fun. I am aching so much today still :) xx

  2. Pole dancing is an amazing sport that requires a lot of training, fitness and discipline. I'd love to do it. I might start classes!

    1. Yes it certainly is, the strength you need is unreal. You should defiantly start its so much fun.. New post will be up today or tomorrow :) xx

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