Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pole Dancing Lesson part 2

So as many of you may know if your following me on twitter I had another pole dancing lesson on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day and was in such a happy mood. So my friend came to pick me up to go to the lesson, as I took her last week which was sweet love this girl. 
So we arrived at the dance school and started warming up, this is so important when you are doing exercise. You need to get your muscles warm and the blood flowing to all the muscles you will be using, so you don't pull something. 
Pole dancing warm up is slightly different to normal warm up as you use the pole more which is good as you start to use different muscles than you are used to.
So after we warmed up we went over a few moves that we did last week like the Juliet spin, we learnt a tuck spin round, where are you spin round you tuck your legs in tuck shape around the pole. By this time my arms were hurting a bit and managed to knock my knee on the pole so a little painful. 
So we moved onto some strength move and learnt the plank, this is where you grip the pole between your legs and you legs are out straight in front of you, you pole the pole low to your body and lean back so your body if flat. The part that hurt the most is gripping the pole between your legs, but strangely you get use to it so it was not so bad. 
With all these new moved we put it together into a routine, which was so much fun as there was two of us. So our teacher put some usher on and away we went, it was so much fun putting all these move into a routine.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks update?
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