Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Pick Of the Week #10

For all of your styling options in one this great kit includes:
Colour Stay Shampoo (60ml)
Colour Stay Conditioner (60ml)
Blow Out Spray (50ml)
Curl Spray (50ml)

We all like to have that extra bit of shimmer when it comes to summer time to look our best, and here is your answer. St Tropez easy applicable moose. Apply this to the front of your legs, Cheeks, eye Brows or shoulders for that extra bit of shimmer. Take a small bit of moose to your fingers and apply to the applicable area. 

I have so many of these gorgeous nail varnishes  and they have brought out this beautiful colour that i just adore, I had to share this with you as i think that it would be so perfect for that spring / summer look. 

I love my tweezers and i really struggle to find a good pair, so i have found a funky pair of tweezers. There is no reason why your tweezers should be plain and boring, so spice up your makeup bag with a funky pair of tweezers which also makes them easier to find. 

We al like to find a cream which keeps our skin smooth looking and fabulous, so i have found this amazing triple action Serum. It is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils which are needed to keep skin youthful. Gently apply the serum to your face after washing ensuring it is absorbed into the skin. During dispensing the mini capsules are crushed to release the active ingredient. 

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