Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Pick Of The Week #12

Hey Lovelies, Sorry this post is a little late than normal. Had a bit of a crazy few days but here it is hope you like....

If your like me i need a hand cream on me at all times keeping my hands nice and moisturised. SO i have found this lovely handy hand cream. This is a brat scented hand cream with the benefits of rose floral water, rose seed milk and wild rose petals with the strengthening properties of castor oil. 

This is a great toner with anti-inflammatory properties which soothes and revitalise your skin and stimulates collagen production. You can use this toner on even sensitive skin and also helps promotes the growth of new skin cells giving you that desired youthful glow. 

Now with summer coming we are all getting into our brighter colours so what better way to celebrate this than with this gorgeous blue eye liner. This liner is made from a combination of oil and wax which makes if effortless to apply. It is also easily removed with any makeup remover. 

We all want work our for the summer bikini bod so why not show your hair the same treatment and treat it with this great treatment from Paul Mitchell? This great formula is designed to strengthen your hair by rebuilding the internal structure of the hair. With rich amino acids to help with elasticity and strength it also provides protection against further damage. 

Apply the treatment to dry or towel dries hair and leave it. 

When i saw this great deal i had to share it with you all. I love the starter kits to try they are the perfect size and give you enough to make the epic decision if you get on with the products or not. This great starter kit is for all skin types. 

This great kit consists of :
Bliss Fabulous Foaming Facial Wash (2oz)
Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream (1oz)
Bliss Foundation Face Lotion SPF15 (5oz) 

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Monday, 21 April 2014

My Pick of the week #11

We all love St Tropez but not sure we all like the price tag so when i saw this reduced i had to share it with you all, this great offer includes:

Gradual Tan Plus Firming (150ml)- 
A great 24 Hydration which adds gradual tan to your skin for that gorgeous summer glow. 
Gradual Tan Plus Anti-Ageing Face (50ml) -
The face cream will boost the collagen in your skin giving you a more youthful look, whilst giving you that gorgeous glowing tan. 

Now i remember being young and always reading the little miss books, so when i saw this limited edition nail varnish from Nails Inc i thought it was perfect. Taking you right back to Childhood with those small books full of entertainment. The colours is gorgeous and perfect for those spring outfits. 

This great foundation moisturise your skin the same time as evening out any imperfections. This Australian botanical deeply hydrates replacing 20% of your natural hydration while combating free radicals and pollution. 

Have you ever wanted that Sun Cram with a little bit extra in it, Well look no further than this great cream Coola TotalBody. It includes your normal sun protection with the added extra of Rose Hip to supply fatty acids to help fight free radicals, Vitamin C, Oils rich in Omega 3 and 6.Shea butter which is high in Vitamin A and F to smooth and balance the skin.  

This great finishing spray by bumble and bumble has UV protectant in whilst adding shine to your hair for that glamorous glossy look. This is for use after you have styled your hair. 

My Pick of the Week

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lifestyle My trip to the Shard

So as many of you may have seen on my twitter and Instagram I had a lovely family day out yesterday in London, We went to cafe rouge for lunch and up the Shard. Luckily it was such a beautiful clear sunny day, not like today's wet weather thank goodness. The sun defiantly puts everyone in such an amazing mood, just wish it would last a little longer. 
So onto lunch, Cafe Rouge is a few minutes walk away from the Shard in a little arcade called Hayes Galleria. I used to go there a lot when I was young as we lived very close which was nice. There is a beautiful old ship in the centre where you can throw your pennies for good luck. 
However, moving onto the food I started off the Camembert in cranberry sauce which was just delicious. The cheese is all melted inside breadcrumbs so gives it bit of extra crunch. This was shortly followed by minute steak and chips. Now I like my steak medium rare I'm not sure about you? 
The food came out on a beautiful white plate which was at in a wood holder of some sought perfect idea I thought for serving, very authentic. Following on from this had to come pudding which was pancake with banana inside, covered in chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. 

After lunch we walked around to the shard, we queued with everyone else in excitement. We were sled to removed out jackets and belts to go through security and as we went around the corner I kid you not it was a sight from airport security. You out your belonging in a plastic box which goes through the scanner, at the same time as you go through the metal detector. As you collect your belongings you shortly arrive at a set of cameras where you have your picture taken. 
Being guided around the corner we shortly came to a set of lift where we were guided in and made away that the door open on the otherwise to that which we entered. Once we had gone up 32 floors we were then escorted around to another set of lifts which would take us to the viewing platform.
Upon exiting the lift we had finally arrived on the 72nd floor, the view was breath taking. You can walk all the way around for a 365 degree view and even go up a level where you are outside. You can see for miles around, and all the buildings looks so different from up there. Watching the trains going around looked like a vision from snake the phone game, for those that remember that game :).

After the shard we returned home, I was so tired. So I hope you liked this post?
Have you been up the shard?


Friday, 18 April 2014

New Addition to the Blog : My Fitness tips and tricks

Hey Lovelies, So as some of you may already have seen i have made a new addition to my blog being the fitness tab. I have wanting to do this for a while now but being new to blogging i wanted to see how things went as i work 8:30 - 5:30. It can be hard at times to fit everything in but have been enjoying every minute of it. I wanted to also take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of you who are following me be it GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter, google circles or Instagram i love all of you and hope you are enjoying all of my posts. 

So onto the fitness.. some of you may already know that i was / am a gymnast. I stopped competitively about 4 years ago now but am still part of a display team so we get to travel the world and put on performances. As i have been training since the age of 7 it has taught me a lot especially the pressures of weight and appearance. I do believe that being healthy is important in your everyday life not just on your physical health but also mentally. There were times i would go to training either frustrated or annoying at situations which have happened in my life but after training i felt 100 times better. I would come out with a clear head, refreshed way of thinking and overall happier. 

I also believe that fashion, beauty and fitness all work hand in hand together, which is why i am incorporating my fitness tips into my blog for you all. I believe everyone can incorporate some kind of fitness into there week which is why all of the posts which are coming are things you can do at home and not even have to step foot in a gym if you don't want to. I have included a video on my channel so you can see for yourself the gymnastics i used to go (hope you enjoy it). 



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Pole Dancing Lesson part 2

So as many of you may know if your following me on twitter I had another pole dancing lesson on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day and was in such a happy mood. So my friend came to pick me up to go to the lesson, as I took her last week which was sweet love this girl. 
So we arrived at the dance school and started warming up, this is so important when you are doing exercise. You need to get your muscles warm and the blood flowing to all the muscles you will be using, so you don't pull something. 
Pole dancing warm up is slightly different to normal warm up as you use the pole more which is good as you start to use different muscles than you are used to.
So after we warmed up we went over a few moves that we did last week like the Juliet spin, we learnt a tuck spin round, where are you spin round you tuck your legs in tuck shape around the pole. By this time my arms were hurting a bit and managed to knock my knee on the pole so a little painful. 
So we moved onto some strength move and learnt the plank, this is where you grip the pole between your legs and you legs are out straight in front of you, you pole the pole low to your body and lean back so your body if flat. The part that hurt the most is gripping the pole between your legs, but strangely you get use to it so it was not so bad. 
With all these new moved we put it together into a routine, which was so much fun as there was two of us. So our teacher put some usher on and away we went, it was so much fun putting all these move into a routine.
Hope you enjoyed this weeks update?
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Pick Of the Week #10

For all of your styling options in one this great kit includes:
Colour Stay Shampoo (60ml)
Colour Stay Conditioner (60ml)
Blow Out Spray (50ml)
Curl Spray (50ml)

We all like to have that extra bit of shimmer when it comes to summer time to look our best, and here is your answer. St Tropez easy applicable moose. Apply this to the front of your legs, Cheeks, eye Brows or shoulders for that extra bit of shimmer. Take a small bit of moose to your fingers and apply to the applicable area. 

I have so many of these gorgeous nail varnishes  and they have brought out this beautiful colour that i just adore, I had to share this with you as i think that it would be so perfect for that spring / summer look. 

I love my tweezers and i really struggle to find a good pair, so i have found a funky pair of tweezers. There is no reason why your tweezers should be plain and boring, so spice up your makeup bag with a funky pair of tweezers which also makes them easier to find. 

We al like to find a cream which keeps our skin smooth looking and fabulous, so i have found this amazing triple action Serum. It is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils which are needed to keep skin youthful. Gently apply the serum to your face after washing ensuring it is absorbed into the skin. During dispensing the mini capsules are crushed to release the active ingredient. 

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bourjois CC Cream

Bourjois CC Cream

Bourjois CC Cream

I was slightly hesitant about buying into the whole hype of the BB and CC cream craze that has been happening for some time now. I just thought where have these formulas just come from after years of crating creams and foundations. However after seeing a post of Bourjois CC Cream and CC Eye Cream i though i would take the plunge and give it a go and am i glad i had as i am now in love with it. 

The CC Cream has three elements to it the first being apricot to reduce the look of fatigue, Green to disguise and redness and lastly white to conceal those dark spots. But does this miracle three in one formula do what it says? I would say yes, I love the coverage it give me, i only have to put a small amount on over my moisturiser in the mornings and i am good to go. I leaves my skin looking flawless and bright even if I've had a late night the night before. I is so much lighter and flattering than my foundation as it does not look like i even have any make up on. 

Next is the complimenting CC Eye Cream, which is just as good as the CC face cream. The eye cream does not have as many elements as the face cream so it acts more like a highlighter / Brightener. It twist pen type applicator is light weight and fits perfectly into my hand bag for when I'm on the go. I one need a few twists in the morning to cover my eyes, and still use a brush to blend in. 

Have you tried the CC Creams?   

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Candle Ring : Find The Beauty Within

I am one whole defiantly loves to come home from work take my makeup off and enjoy a hot bubble bath with some candles. It is one of most priceless feeling you can have in life. Relaxing with the light flickering i feel is so therapeutic. One company has added a extra little sparkle to the candle world and these are Ring Candles. 

These candles burn as normal candles and each have their own scent which you chose when purchasing your candle, but the Candle Ring each hold a ring inside which is revealed when you burn the candle. Each ring in the candle is valued between £10-£1000, which you then take a picture of and post it on Facebook to get the ring valued. 

The rings are wrapped in protective foil so that they do not get amazed by the heat when the candles are being burnt. Each candle is hand made which i think is amazing and such good value as the candles are not expensive. The candle is made from soy wax and will burn for 150 hours. 

The packaging i think is great, the simple design is different from other candles i have seen, and is fitting i think for the different scents which are given off by each candle. The best part is the container can be reused as it has a sealed lid so there is no need to throw it away. It could be used to store sweets, makeup brushes, painting brushes... and so much more. 

Candle Ring

Candle Ring

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Pick Of The Week #9

Do you want to add nourishment to your eye lashes and make them longer, thicker and stronger. 

this is a fabulous new toner made with pearl extract and rich in amino acids to repair and moisturise your skin. Containing essential vitamins to leave your skin feelings refresh, toned and moisturised.

When i saw this amazing deal i just couldn't resist sharing it with you. Im sure you all know by now that i feel some nails varnishes are very expensive so this is a fabulous deal that you just can't miss... with a huge saving of 50%!!

I love getting my nail done, but then again its always nice of switching up your nail patterns without all the hard work. These gorgeous nails wraps are just the thing. They last for days if you want them too or if you just fancy a quick change for a special night out the do the job just perfectly. 

We all a good lipgloss so why stop now, the gorgeous summer colour which are filling the shelves. Here is a great deal on some lip glosses. I love these gorgeous glosses from L'oreal so i hope you like them aswel. 

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pole Dancing Part 1

So I have taken the plunge and have now started Pole dancing as a way of keeping fit.and though i would be brave and share it all with you.

 Up until a few years ago I was a professional gymnast training 18 hours a week. When i stopped training such long hours I was left with such a gap in my life and didn't know what to do with it really. Then soon enough life took over and i found myself being so busy and now not knowing how i managed to fit so many hours into training. I always like to keep fit and healthy so wanted to try something new and give myself something of a new challenge.

So today i had my second class with my friend today and enjoyed every minute of it. Today was my first group class so i was a little nervous as to how it was going to turn out, but in the end i ended up having such a great time.

We started off with a warm up which included stretching all of your muscles out and getting your blood circulating ready to do some exercise. It was 9:15 in the morning so was feeling a tad tired but this warm up defiantly woke me up. Once we had stretched we did some light exercising which included squats, press-up and sit-ups to get our core muscles working.

We then broke out into our groups and had three to a pole which is good because you then get a small break in-between which trust me when you start out you defiantly need. We did some simple turns around the pole called Juliet, and leading into a backwards spin. Later moving onto some static holds using mostly core strength. We did a small routine at the end linking around 4 moves together to some music which was so much fun. It does feel a little strange and at the beginning i did not feel sexy going round at all but I'm guessing at i am a beginner that might change.

Once we had finished out routines and was nearly time to go we did a cool down which is essential when doing any exercise and you don't want your muscles to seize and and hurt the next day.
Now i can't say that it prevents your muscles from hurting because my muscles feel like jelly even writing this post. My arms are aching the most i think as your are lifting your body weight for the majority of the time.

I will be doing a series of posts on my progression and how things are going, Hope you all follow and see how things are going and even some of you may start yourself.

Have any of you started pole dancing or are already pole dancing yourself?

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LOreal Elnett Heat Spray

Now all of us ladies use our hair drying and straighteners on a day to day basis. All that heat is defiantly not good for our hair when used so regular. So we need to protect out hair as much as possible so we don't do any lasting damage.

I have been using this Elnett Styling stray for quite a few weeks now, its great it gives my hair the volume that i need whilst protecting it from the heat of my hair dryer. Now because my hair is very long it does not quite hold the volume for 3 days as it says on the front but if you have shorter hair this may possibly work better. 

The way i apply this is by sectioning my hair out roughly into different sections and then just spraying from root to tip so all of my hair is protected, as there is not much point in just protecting the roots. 

Have you used Elnett Heat Styling Spray? Let me know what other heat protecting you use!
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