Saturday, 15 March 2014

WOW 2 in 1 Hairspray

WOW 2 in 1 | £16.50

Im sure we have all seen the John Freida adverts on the TV and in the shops. So i was shocked when i learned that he has actually sold his name to a Chinese company. However, fear no he has brought our  a new line called WOW which i was so pleased with. 

I blow-dry my hair every other day, and is quite long so i find it very hard to get that volumised look that lasts for hours. I always find that my hair looks great for a few hours and then it starts to drop due to the weight. 

I started using this great  WOW Get in shape hair spray. it defiantly has different properties to that of other hairsprays. I mainly use it when i am putting my hair in rollers. I will put my hair in rollers and leave them in for about 15 mins while i finish getting ready. I then will spray in hair with the hair pray which still in rollers, 
One tip i do is not to spray the spray directly onto the hair but as i spray move it sideways so the spray settles within the hair and not just on the top. 

Once i then take the rollers out i will tip my head over and give one last pray and then I'm done. 

Hope this has helped and you give the product a go, Please let me know of any other volumising products you have used. 


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