Monday, 17 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #6

I have been seeing a increase in the amount of people doing reviews of CC creams so thought i would give you a guys a great deal on this amazing CC cream. This is a great complexion corrector at the same time as giving your skin that natural glowing look. 

As summer is fast approaching and we are having these glorious dates we can all be guilty of a few late nights. Time now to put a stop to looking as tired as you may feel, this great gel will do the trick. Ingredients including sake extract, Light reflecting complex, Oat Based Lipoamino, Zinc mineral Complex will give that vibrant look. 

Our skin needs the most protection again everyday fumes that surround us, if your like me and work in London or inner city you will know how much pollution is around. I feel it is so important to protect ourselves against this, this is exactly what this product does. It protected your skin not only from the sun but from Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen while at the same time allowing your skin to breathe. 
Now i have not seen these before so thought i would bring you something new. Perfect for that quick application of tan when you need it. There are no need for those tanning mits that we all know and love when we are self tanning. Easy application with the wipes and then you can just throw them in the bin straight away with no fuss. 

If your going to fancy dress or feel like something different here is just your thing. I have seen these fabulous lip applicators in so many places and think they are so much fun. There are so many different designs and are so easy to apply. Just like sticking on a temporary tattoo.



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