Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #5

As summer is fast approaching and we all know how good Sea Water is for our skin i thought i would introduce this product to you all. It has sea water concentrate in it and stimulates your skin.
You spray this over your face after cleansing and leave for 1minute, after which just dry your skin and apply your moisturiser as normal. 

We all love to have that sun kissed look when summer is here and this product is just the thing we need. This amazing formula helps your skin breathe while giving your skin that gorgeous glowy look. It also contains Cocoa beans and Orange Blossom Elixir   which sounds yummy. 

We do our nails and the skin on our body so why not our hair? The heat our heat endures from blow dryers, Straighteners and curlers our hair needs treatments too. I have come across this great treatment to get your hair back into great condition. The healing emollients and silk proteins strengthens the hair. Apply the treatment after shampoo working in into your hair. Leave it in your hair for 3-5 Minutes and then rinse out. 

Time for a bit of fun for summer, I go through phases of wanting to change my hair colour but want a different style or colour each week so dying it wouldn't be the best option. I have come across this amazing hair shadow. All you have to do it apply it to the piece of hair you want coloured and seal it with hairspray.. and... it washes out! Perfect for summer time looks. 

Now i love these crackle nails, and Nails Inc. However, i know they can be slightly pricy. So when i found this great deal and in PINK all ready for summer i couldn't resist sharing it with you all. I am defiantly a lover of bright colours in summer time so will defiantly he purchasing this for those warm summer months. 

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  1. I like your blog!
    It is very useful:)
    With love,

    1. Aww thank you hun, that means a lot. I'm glad you find it useful :) Just took a look at your blog too and its great. Keep up the great work xx

  2. Oooh for someone who doesn't really like the thought of dying my hair, the hair shadow sounds pretty interesting! The sea mist spray also sounds really nice and refreshing but a little pricey...something to think about though for the wishlist. Thanks for sharing :) Danielle x

    1. I feel the same when it comes to dying my hair, so thought this would be great alternative. Yes i can understand that... No worries hun. Hope you stop by for more weekly updates :) xx

  3. The crackle nail polish colour is so nice! I only have it in black but the pink looks great!!

    1. Thanks hun... Yer i know right i fell in love with it when i saw it :) xxx


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