Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #4

The majority of girls even boys will have GHDs the burst onto the scene and transformed the way we did our hair. With their ceramic plate which meant to did have to burn our hair as much to get that slick look. Now GHD have revolutionised their straighteners yet again. 
With a more rounded barrel for better styling ability to also having a sleep mode that turns themselves on after 30 minutes. Now you can get a great deal on this fantastic product. 

We have all noticed how CC and BB creams have launched themselves onto the market places and changes the way we see skin care. The CC helping to colour contour our skin, moisturise and even having 30 SPF to help protect your skin against those harmful sun rays which we get day to day without even realising. 

I believe most of us girls are guilty of backcombing our hair for a night out on the town to give our hair that extra longer lasting boost. I have found my hair never really holds and will drop half way through the night. This dust give your hair that extra hold it needs, where hairspray tends to be wet it drags the hair down in weight. The dust simply holds it in place for the longer last volume effect. 

If you are like me the price of palettes can always be a bit much especially when it gets closer to the end of the month. BeautyBay are reducing the price of their palettes and now available for just £9.75. Such a great reduction i had to share it with you guys if you are in need of a new Palette this week. 

Now this is a slightly different post as it is not a particular product. As i was browsing around i noticed that Superdrug were doing a buy one get on half price deal. I know that everyone has been going on about boots 3 for 2 offer so i thought i would throw something extra into the mix. 



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