Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MAC VS Two Faced bronzers

MAC VS Two Faced

Bronzer or blusher have not always been staple items in my makeup bag. Being half Greek i have always got a natural tan from the sun so never really saw the point of it. Ohhh how differently do i feel now about them. Now they are a firm part of my makeup routine and am unable to understand how i ever lived without them before. 

I have two blushers that i like to alternate between the first being my MAC Powder Blush. I would say i use this one on a day to day basis. It has a matt finish so relatively easy to blend in with your makeup. I also love the colour so tend to actually use it as a eye shadow aswel. I just put a little bit on my lids just to give my everyday look something different. 

My Second Blush that i use is the Two Faced Mocha Mi Amore. This blush i will tend to use if i am going out. It is a slightly softer shade than the MAC but has spec of glitter in it so just jazzes the look up with some sparkle. 

What are the staple bronzers that you own?



  1. I love the packaging :) it's really cute! I never thought of using different products as eyeshadows.great tips! xx


    1. Thanks hun me too. Im such a sucking for packaging. Thanks hun glad i could help :)



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