Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #8

Today is officially summer time as the clocks went forward. It is also the start of people going on holidays. I thought this would be a great opportunity for you to get some amazing deals on sun tan lotion as i know it can always be a bit pricey.

The days will now be staying brighter for longer so don't let your skin look dull like winter. Melvita Brightening cream will give your skin that summer time boost leaving it looking brighter, smoother and leaving you with that gorgeous summer glow.

Correcting those smudged edges of nail varnish is always such a pain. How do you take it off on one hand with out damaging the other hand. This fabulous pen is a fabulous new product. It has a pen type nib and will correct those smudgy edges without taking off your current polish. 

I have always loved Nails Inc and their gorgeous array of colours they have however, i have always felt them rather expensive. I found these gorgeous colours for you all just in time for summer. These beautiful lollipop colours just pop and will looks great with co ordinated outfits. 

How frustrating is it when your skin gets irritated when you shave, or the redness that appears when you have waxed? I am so happy to have found this product for all of you, this product is design to relieve that irritation and reduce the redness. Even the size is perfect to have handy to have in your handbag. 


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Love Me Beauty Box

Love Me Beauty Box | £10 + PP

I have been reading about the Love Me Beauty box for a few months now and seen the lovely Kayleigh Johnson receiving hers every month and the amazing goodies that she receives. This month she had a discount code so i couldn't resist. 

Its amazing how it works, You can choose you box every month with a range of products inside. As this is the first box i have received i can only tell you about the service i have received so far. Guiding through the website is so easy and simple, you chose your box and how you would like a pay and Viola you have ordered your box. The box did come very quickly which i was so excited about. All the product inside were laid out beautiful as you can see and were not all over the place by delivery as i thought might happen. 
So without further ado here are the products:

Nip+Fab Post workout fix | RRP £9.95 (50ml)

If your like me i hate that achy feeling after i have worked out, and the pain that is there for days. This is due to the lactic acid which is in your muscles when you have been working out. Yes the pain shows you have done a good work out but still... Would rather not have it. You put this onto your muscles post work out and its meant to sooth the aches and pain. Looking forward to giving this ago. When i have tried this out a few times i will be sure to do a review of it. 

Deep Steep Moisture Stick | RRP £3.60 (15ml)

As winter has nearly left us we know the feeling of having some dry skin and the need to keep it moisturised. This handily little stick will do just that. It melts on contact with the warmth of your skin and helps moisturise getting rid of those dry troubled areas. I do love the size and packaging and so handy to just pop into your handbag so its always there when you need it. 

The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Lashes | RRP £6 (Full Size)

Now i am not one for going out wearing lashes very much as i always seem to struggle putting them on, but these look so elegant that i will defiantly be giving them ago. There are not very thick so give you more of a natural look which is what i most like about these. 

Murad Pore & Line Minimising Hydrator | RRP £49.59 (50ml)

Now i have no heard of Murad before getting this box, but i do like to try different creams out for my skin to see what works the best. This is a hydrating lotion that i meant to create a plumper firmer skin and minis the appearance of pores and repair the skin. We shall see and i will most certainly let you know. 

Blanx Which Shock Toothpaste | RRP £7.50 (50ml)

Last but not least this Blanx Whitening Toothpaste. Now i have seen quite a few products which have said to whiten your teeth. There are toothpastes and whitening strips. I never know if they really do work. Have any of you used any whitening products that have really worked? I will give this a go and see what the results are. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, Have any of you got yourself a Love Me Beauty box?


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Clinique Anti-Blemish spot treatment Gel

Clinique | Anti-Blemish Solutions | £17.00

We have all had those occasions where that one spot decides to crop up at the wrong time, either it be an occasion or a date is coming up. Once that spot comes it i takes a while for it to go and there are so many ways people have tried to get rid of spots quickly like the old trusty toothpaste job. 

We get spots because our pores are often too oily and then get clogged up, and some of us may get spots more often that other but i think we can all agree is that none of us like them and would rather they just stayed away for good. Who better knows this than Clinique.

I noticed a spot appearing and thought it had to go, as i was browsing around i spotted this Spot Treatment Gel in their Anti-Blemish range. I know how good their Anti-blemist solutions works from working for the company so thought i would give this a go.

I arrived home and immediately applied the gel. It comes out as a clear gel so it is invisible when applying to the skin. You only have to apply a very small amount for the gel to work, You should feel a slightly tingly sensation on application. The gel then dries on the skin to dry out the spot. I then reapplied the gel a number of times during the day, and found that the spot was going within 1-2 Days. 

I live by this product now, and carry it in my makeup bag so whenever a spot tried to make an appearance i can get rid of it just as quickly as it came. 

Have you tried this Gel? or have any top spot secrets?


Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #7

* Mothers day special *

Molton Brown has such a great collection of products its so hard to chose so why not have a few of each. This set includes 
Pink Pepperpod Body Wash Tube (80ml)
Pink Pepperpod Nourishing Body Lotion Tube (80ml)
White Sandlewood Body Wash Tube (80ml)
Gingerlily Body Wash Tube (100ml)
Eucalyptus Body Wash Bottle (100ml)
Ylang Ylnag Body Wash Bottle (100ml)

I have seen so many bloggers rave about this product and i found it at a fantastic reduced price for you all. I felt the original price tag was a bit high, so now you can get your hands on it for a more reasonable price. The pack includes 
2 Replacement Brush Head - 1 x Active Clean and 2 x Body Cleanser
Magnitone Pulsar Brush 
Magnetic Wireless charging stand + 3 Pin Plug
Instructions on use
12 Month Warrenty Card

Through the tough weather we have been having it has a direct effect on our hair. So what better way of getting it back in shape with a great Repaid set? I had to share this fantastic offer with you all of a huge saving of 63% and includes 5 different hair products. The products included in this pack are 
Rejuvenating Shampoo (100ml)
Deep repair hair mask (100ml)
Healing Oil Treatment (125ml)
No Tangle Pre Styler (100ml)
Oil Infused Comb 

Is your mum planning a short break or a holiday? This little pack is perfect for such occasions. We know how much space our makeup can take up when travelling so why not make her life a little easier. This Great pack includes the essentials such as
1 x Black Eye Pencil
1 x Mineral Liptick in Ruby, Luminous, Catwalk or Ruby
1 x Black Mascara
1 x Colourful Eye Pallette

I have hear great reviews about Bumble & Bumble but looking at their prices it seems a little expensive, so when i found this deal i though it would be great to share with you all. This great set with give you that extra boost and volume that we all love to have. The set contains
Bb Textture (150ml)
Bb Thickening Hairspray (125ml)

Hope you guys like this week mother day themed post. Feel free to let me know if this has helped and if you get any for your mums. 


Saturday, 22 March 2014

French Connection Haul

Hey Guys... So i have been super busy this week sorry i have not posted. I have come home nearly every night and crashed.... But here we go!!
So as it was a beautiful day today my mum and i decided to go on a bit of a shopping trip. I have not been shopping in a while as I'm trying to save some money. 

So first stop was French Connection which is always a winner and i rarely leave that shop without purchasing something. I find there close so smart, simple and easy to wear everyday. They are the kind of clothes that you can just throw on and looks fabulous. I think there clothes can be a little pricey at times but then they last a long time so i think are worth it. 

So without further a do... I bought a gorgeous Danni Cruise Knits Dress black dress with netting around the shoulders and top half. This i think i will be wearing possibly for a nice dinner one night. The material is stretchy which is nice as it makes it more comfortable. 

Next up is this lovely Jocelyn Jacquard Dress. I will defiantly be wearing this dress to work, The sleeves are just right for the job. I love the details on either side of the dress just add that simple touch which finishes it off. The material is less giving than the Danni Cruise dress above, but is still very comfortable. 

The we have this beautiful Island Cluster Top , i fell in love with this top because it is just so pretty. the material is light weight so is very comfortable. The detail on the front is just gorgeous with the beautiful embelishments on the colour just makes the look a bit more dressy. I will defiantly be wearing this with the Jeans below and a pair of sandals. 

Then we have the Stephanie cut-out dress. This is a perfect dress for work in summer time and even a night out. The colour is a safe shade of lime Green. It is a simple dress but the little slit at the front just bring it right up to date and a bit of an edge. 

Next, is the Sarah Stretch Panelled Dress, Now this dress is in the SALE. It was such a bargain. The material is elastic and so is very stretchy making it very comfortable. The V neckline is not too low which i was pleased with, and the complimentary lines at the waist for the slimming illusion. Cant wait to start wearing this during the summer months.  

Last but no means least, my skinny jeans. They have not put these on the site yet so I'm afraid i can't give you a link to them. When they do i will be sure to update this. These skinny jeans are the most comfortable jeans i have worn in a long time. They do not even feel like you are wearing jeans. They fit in all the right places and are not too tight so you can't move. They are defiantly going to be one of my staple items over the coming months. 

So that is all from me and my haul. i hope you all enjoyed this, have you been to French Connection recently or bought summery items yet?


Monday, 17 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #6

I have been seeing a increase in the amount of people doing reviews of CC creams so thought i would give you a guys a great deal on this amazing CC cream. This is a great complexion corrector at the same time as giving your skin that natural glowing look. 

As summer is fast approaching and we are having these glorious dates we can all be guilty of a few late nights. Time now to put a stop to looking as tired as you may feel, this great gel will do the trick. Ingredients including sake extract, Light reflecting complex, Oat Based Lipoamino, Zinc mineral Complex will give that vibrant look. 

Our skin needs the most protection again everyday fumes that surround us, if your like me and work in London or inner city you will know how much pollution is around. I feel it is so important to protect ourselves against this, this is exactly what this product does. It protected your skin not only from the sun but from Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen while at the same time allowing your skin to breathe. 
Now i have not seen these before so thought i would bring you something new. Perfect for that quick application of tan when you need it. There are no need for those tanning mits that we all know and love when we are self tanning. Easy application with the wipes and then you can just throw them in the bin straight away with no fuss. 

If your going to fancy dress or feel like something different here is just your thing. I have seen these fabulous lip applicators in so many places and think they are so much fun. There are so many different designs and are so easy to apply. Just like sticking on a temporary tattoo.


Saturday, 15 March 2014

WOW 2 in 1 Hairspray

WOW 2 in 1 | £16.50

Im sure we have all seen the John Freida adverts on the TV and in the shops. So i was shocked when i learned that he has actually sold his name to a Chinese company. However, fear no he has brought our  a new line called WOW which i was so pleased with. 

I blow-dry my hair every other day, and is quite long so i find it very hard to get that volumised look that lasts for hours. I always find that my hair looks great for a few hours and then it starts to drop due to the weight. 

I started using this great  WOW Get in shape hair spray. it defiantly has different properties to that of other hairsprays. I mainly use it when i am putting my hair in rollers. I will put my hair in rollers and leave them in for about 15 mins while i finish getting ready. I then will spray in hair with the hair pray which still in rollers, 
One tip i do is not to spray the spray directly onto the hair but as i spray move it sideways so the spray settles within the hair and not just on the top. 

Once i then take the rollers out i will tip my head over and give one last pray and then I'm done. 

Hope this has helped and you give the product a go, Please let me know of any other volumising products you have used. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dry Shampoo - Batiste from Tesco

I wash my hair every other day and I know personally by the second day it's droopy and starts to feel dirty, so I would often wear my hair up and out the way. I don't know if you are the same?

I had heard about dry shampoo for a while but had never actually used it before, so as I was Xmas shopping I came across a small bottle in Topshop and thought I would give it a go. I have never looked back since.. It is such a life saver!

It takes out the oiliness in my hair and leave it feeling refreshed and looks relatively clean. 

I bought this dry shampoo from Tesco and I must say it is just as good as the Topshop one I bought at Christmas. I love the pink bottle (partly why i bought it) It even has a nice perfume scent to it which is quite nice. It even had instructions on the back of the bottle to advise you on how to apply the Dry Shampoo. 

When I apply my Dry shampoo I try and get it even so, I part my hair into sections and spray each section in turn. This way I don't leave any parts out. I then rub this into my hair otherwise you get left with funny white marks. 
You are then done and ready to face the world.

Have you tried dry shampoo? If so which ones have you tried? 


Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #5

As summer is fast approaching and we all know how good Sea Water is for our skin i thought i would introduce this product to you all. It has sea water concentrate in it and stimulates your skin.
You spray this over your face after cleansing and leave for 1minute, after which just dry your skin and apply your moisturiser as normal. 

We all love to have that sun kissed look when summer is here and this product is just the thing we need. This amazing formula helps your skin breathe while giving your skin that gorgeous glowy look. It also contains Cocoa beans and Orange Blossom Elixir   which sounds yummy. 

We do our nails and the skin on our body so why not our hair? The heat our heat endures from blow dryers, Straighteners and curlers our hair needs treatments too. I have come across this great treatment to get your hair back into great condition. The healing emollients and silk proteins strengthens the hair. Apply the treatment after shampoo working in into your hair. Leave it in your hair for 3-5 Minutes and then rinse out. 

Time for a bit of fun for summer, I go through phases of wanting to change my hair colour but want a different style or colour each week so dying it wouldn't be the best option. I have come across this amazing hair shadow. All you have to do it apply it to the piece of hair you want coloured and seal it with hairspray.. and... it washes out! Perfect for summer time looks. 

Now i love these crackle nails, and Nails Inc. However, i know they can be slightly pricy. So when i found this great deal and in PINK all ready for summer i couldn't resist sharing it with you all. I am defiantly a lover of bright colours in summer time so will defiantly he purchasing this for those warm summer months. 

Discount deals


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Clinique Moisture Surge

We all know how much water is good for our skin as our bodies are about 60% water. With our busy lives sometimes it hard to keep hydrated but why should our skin suffer for this?
We all know that there are so many moisturisers on the market and which on to choose? I always spend so much time trying to pick one.

So i am currently using the Clinique Moisture surge, from the first time i tried this product i loved it. I have had experiences where the cream would leave your fingers feeling slightly sticky or clammy, with the moisture surge that does not happen. I put a small amount onto my finger tips and then evenly apply it to my skin and i instantly feel refreshed. 
The formula is so light i could not feel as though i had put any cream on. 

Whats cream do you use in your daily routine?


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MAC VS Two Faced bronzers

MAC VS Two Faced

Bronzer or blusher have not always been staple items in my makeup bag. Being half Greek i have always got a natural tan from the sun so never really saw the point of it. Ohhh how differently do i feel now about them. Now they are a firm part of my makeup routine and am unable to understand how i ever lived without them before. 

I have two blushers that i like to alternate between the first being my MAC Powder Blush. I would say i use this one on a day to day basis. It has a matt finish so relatively easy to blend in with your makeup. I also love the colour so tend to actually use it as a eye shadow aswel. I just put a little bit on my lids just to give my everyday look something different. 

My Second Blush that i use is the Two Faced Mocha Mi Amore. This blush i will tend to use if i am going out. It is a slightly softer shade than the MAC but has spec of glitter in it so just jazzes the look up with some sparkle. 

What are the staple bronzers that you own?


Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Pick Of The Week #4

The majority of girls even boys will have GHDs the burst onto the scene and transformed the way we did our hair. With their ceramic plate which meant to did have to burn our hair as much to get that slick look. Now GHD have revolutionised their straighteners yet again. 
With a more rounded barrel for better styling ability to also having a sleep mode that turns themselves on after 30 minutes. Now you can get a great deal on this fantastic product. 

We have all noticed how CC and BB creams have launched themselves onto the market places and changes the way we see skin care. The CC helping to colour contour our skin, moisturise and even having 30 SPF to help protect your skin against those harmful sun rays which we get day to day without even realising. 

I believe most of us girls are guilty of backcombing our hair for a night out on the town to give our hair that extra longer lasting boost. I have found my hair never really holds and will drop half way through the night. This dust give your hair that extra hold it needs, where hairspray tends to be wet it drags the hair down in weight. The dust simply holds it in place for the longer last volume effect. 

If you are like me the price of palettes can always be a bit much especially when it gets closer to the end of the month. BeautyBay are reducing the price of their palettes and now available for just £9.75. Such a great reduction i had to share it with you guys if you are in need of a new Palette this week. 

Now this is a slightly different post as it is not a particular product. As i was browsing around i noticed that Superdrug were doing a buy one get on half price deal. I know that everyone has been going on about boots 3 for 2 offer so i thought i would throw something extra into the mix. 

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