Saturday, 15 February 2014

One month blogging give away!!!

Hello my Lovlies,

So i have no been blogging for a month and i must say i have been loving every minute of it. I have been in contact with so many lovely people and seen some great inspiring posts. Who knew there was such a large bloggin community!

So with out further ado i am now introducing my first ever give away!!! 

 I have included a mixture of product to spice things up so i hope you like. 

How to enter: 

There are Mandatory and optional ways of entering my give away:


You MUST follow my blog on Google Friend Connect (+1 Entry)

(Which will give you a better chance of winning)

Follow me on Twitter here (+1 entries)
Retweet my giveaway tweet from my account (+1 entries)
Follow me on Instagram (+ 2 entries)
Follow me on Bloglovin (+2 entries)

Once you have entered my giveaway please comment below with your name, Email address and which options you have chosen to enter. When leaving a comment please leave your twitter, Instagram and BlogLovin name if you have chosen these options of entry.

This Give away will last for two weeks and close on 1st March at Midnight and the Winner will be notified by email on 2nd March. If there is no response within 48 hours another winner will be chosen. 

Thank you all for taking the tim to read and comment on my blog i am very grateful 




  1. This is such an amazing giveaway lovely! :)
    Name: Ellis
    I'm following you on GFC as Ellis Cochrane, on twitter as @ellistuesday, on bloglovin' as Ellis Cochrane and on instagram as ellistuesday.

    Ellis Tuesday

  2. Love this giveaway :) and I'm glad you're enjoying being in the blogging community. I'm also new (December 31st 2013 for me!) and I'm really loving it. It's so fun and I love interacting with like-minded people!

    Name - Daniela Maria
    Email -
    Following you on:
    GFC - Daniela Maria
    Twitter - ddiraimo92
    Instagram - ddiraimo92
    Bloglovin - Daniela Maria


  3. I loved the giveaway! Hope it's international!
    Name: Laura Azevedo
    Following you on:
    GFC: Indx Mandy Louis
    twitter: tsgemanotta (i retweeted)
    instagram: azevedolaures

  4. Thank you ladies for entering my giveaway... Yes it is an international giveaway :) ... :) Hope you enjoy reading my blog xxx

  5. Name: Badea Nicoleta Alexandra

    GFC: beauty_and_others
    Twitter: @hubba1bubba (and i retweeted)
    Bloglovin name: Nicoleta Alexandra

  6. Great blog and fab giveaway :) I'm also new to the blogging community and loving it so much too, btw I've nominated you for the blogging Liebster award, you can find out more on my latest blog post.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    1. Hey Hun, Sorry for the delayed response have you seen this, thank you so much for nominating me.. ill pop over today and come and have a look xxx

  7. Forgot to add my details for my entries :)

    twitter - @disneybelle_
    instagram - disney_belle3
    bloglovin - disneybelle

  8. Hey! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Alice Brazier
    GFC: Alice Brazier
    Entered with -
    Instagram: alicebrazier
    Twitter: @alicebrazier


  9. Hi Anna Maria
    Thanks for this giveaway. I'm Carly and my e-mail is I follow you on GFC (privately) and on Twitter. I'm @CarlySusanne. Xx

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. Hi Carly, No worries.. Wanted to say thank you to all my amazing followers for great support i have received. I am following you too xxx

  10. Hi) Thank you for the lovely international giveaway!
    I follow you on GFC as Lulu

  11. Hi. Happy one month of blogging!
    I follow in GFC as Rhoda Kellar.
    Bloglovin' as rhodak
    I don't like leaving my email but I can be contacted on twitter @rhodak09 (hope that's ok)

  12. Hiya :)
    I followed you on GFC as Étáin Sorcha Nash
    I followed on Bloglovin as Etainsorcha
    and twitter @etainsorcha


  13. Name: Kim
    I'm following you on GFC as Kim Wilkes, on twitter as @whimsicalmrsw, on bloglovin' as Kim Wilkes and on instagram as whimsicalmrsw.
    My email is

    Great giveaway! xx

  14. Congratulations!
    I did all of the entries (GFC- mollie110601, Bloglovin- MollieTheFashionOfCraft, Twitter- @Fashionofcraft, Instagram- M0ll13m00)

    My email is-


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