Saturday, 1 February 2014

3 Step Cleanser

Morning Everyone!!!

How many of you have found it difficult to find cleansing products that really makes a difference to your skin?? It took me forever until I started working for Clinique. Then I found a god send.

3 Step Cleanser

Their 3 step cleansing products… I will not go anywhere without them.

Firstly you put the soap on and it comes in a gel pump as seen in the picture or soap bar form… this gel is soft of my skin and so easy to use.
After washing this off I then take cotton buds and put some toner on it and go over my face. This helps take off any extra dirt and tightens your skin.
Lastly I then apply my moisturiser, you can apply Clinique moisturiser but I have always preferred my Clarins. 

I use this Day and night and within a few days you will see a difference. 

Clinique Eye make up remover

I used to use wipes when taking my make up, then I found this makeup remover from Clinique and have found this so much nicer. I apply it onto cotton bud and then remove my make up. It is so much softer on my eyes and doesn’t irritate them which is one of the problems I used to have.

Hope you guys like this and let me know what you think….


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