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Sunday, 15 January 2017

REVIEW: YSL Blur Primer

I have always seen YouTubers using primers before applying their makeup and I used to think that it was just more effort to be adding another step to my makeup routine when I already do not have that much time in the mornings. 
So after I went through a few drug store primers I was not in any rush to go out and buy another one as I didn't feel like it had made any huge differnence to my makeup and the way it sat on my skin.

However when I saw a few people using the YSL primers and saw that it had got so many good reviews I thought I might give it a go and see if it helped me - and am I glad that I tried it. 

YSL Blur Primer

First things first and I think it has to be said how stunning the packaging is, I love the box that it comes in and I still carry it in this trying to preserve it for as long as I can. Also the bottle its self I think is great, it is made out of glass but the bottle feel very sturdy which is good considering how much product is actually in this package.

Which brings me nicely onto my next point which is the fact there is so much product in this bottle which is unreal. I only use 1 1/2 pumps for my face which goes on so well and covers the necessary areas so I know this bottle will be lasting me a very long time.

The product is quite thick which is why you do not need a lot of it for one application, and my favourite part is when you look at it in the light there are tiny speckles of gold in it so it shimmers.

I generally get a very oily T-Zone so my makeup end up half way around my face after a while which is very annoying so I have to keep an eye on it, with this primer it seems to have controlled that a little bit more which is more than helpful.

So over all I have certainly been loving this product and will be using it for a while to come I believe.

YSL Blur Primer

Have you used this primer before and have any comments I would to hear your views and thought below.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OUTFIT: Splash of colour

I loved this combo my orange Nike top with MissGuided bottoms and such an easy combination to jus throw together. 
I love the detailing of the trousers as its not too much netting and just enough that you notice it and to make a difference to the look. 
If you like the look I have left the links below :)

Bottoms: MissGuided | £16.00
Top:        Nike | £40 
Trainers: Nike | £44.99 

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Friday, 6 January 2017

#TDFM2017 - Motivational Hashtag of the Year!


This is the year 2017 where I really want to change my life around, and I want you all to join in with me. We have 365 days in a year to a year which is 365 small changes that we can make daily to improve our lives and make it better. 

I have really got stuck in with my goal setting this year, if you haven't read my post yet you can find it here. I have put things into my daily life so that I am reminded in small ways to make these changes and to keep on going every day and remembering what I am aiming for. 

I am scared and there are moments where I think - what the bloody hell am I doing?? Then I remember that unless I push past these moments another year will go by where I don't even try! Things might not work out the way I want them to but thats fine because every small step makes the slightest of changes and moulds you into a better person than you were yesterday.

So lets get into it what I want to do:

I am going to be sharing my daily updates and progress on twitter everyday and I want all of you to get involved. When I am sharing my updates I am going to using the hashtag #TDFM2017 so its easy to find and you can keep up to take with the daily updates. 

It doesn't stop there I am going to be encouraging you all everyday to stick with you and challenging you along the way kind of what mentors do so giving you prompts to think about what are you doing today to make the changes, asking questions such as what is the one thing you have done today to take a step towards your goals?

I have seen a lot of people share their success stories of doing do well and saying that they have stuck to it everyday and they have come out the other end but I have never seen anyone take people on that journey everyday with them. 
I have never seen what they do every day to become these people or if they have had set back or times they feel like they want to give up. With out the realisation of seeing people go through this I feel like people don't know where to begin so I want to help you guys get there and stick with it. 

I want this to be a community for everyone to be a part of, encourage each other, ask questions see what others do. Its hard doing these things alone but we don't have to and can do it together and talk to people that think the same. 

If your interested I look forward to hearing from you on twitter using #TDFM2017.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OUTFIT: White and Grey

You would never guess how much I like shopping in Topshop as most of this outfit is from there, it is one of my go-to shops and has been for most of my adult life really thinking about it. If I go to the high end stores and see what trends are out currently I will always manage to go to Topshop and find something very similar for certainly half the price. 

When I saw this jumper I fell in love with it, as I was looking for items to layer up for winter in the cold and this top did it all in one with having to really layer up and get stuck feeling all bulky. 
I did try it on with a few other jeans but they did not really seem to go as well as the white. 

I picked up a simple star necklace to go with it just to give it a little bit more interest on the front along with a simple clutch with matching colour shoes from Kurt Geiger. 

Top: Topshop | £22
Jeans: Topshop | £42
Necklace: Topshop
Clutch: Newlook

I hope you liked this look, and would love to hear your comments below :)

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Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year Goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone - this is my first post of the new year so what better way to kick start this year than to have some goals and I would love to share mine with you in this post today!

Generally every year I will make some goals and often sometime I will forget about them or not put plans in place to keep up with them through out the year and then life takes over and they get pushed to the bottom of the list. 

As I am getting older now for some reason I feel a bigger sense to really stat making myself accountable for setting myself goals and actually sticking to them and along with that I really want to feel that I have achieved something and that I can do things that I didn't think I was able to do. 
I have seen so many people achieving their goals and doing amazing things when they are rightfully putting the hard work into it but then I find myself plodding along and not putting my all into changing my life - remember the only person who can change your life is yourself!!

So I am going to share with you my goals for this year and the things I am putting in place to try and make sure that I achieve them. 

My Goals:

I broke my goals down to the very basics first, 

What did I want from life right now:

- Being financially independant
- Buying a house and renting the flat I currently live in
- New Laptop

I made these very simple and basic and mostly achievable so that at least by the end of the year I will be mostly on my way to getting there. I like to put one thing on my list that it more challenging so I keep my aspirations up and remember the bigger picture (which is the house part)

Secondly I wrote down the things that I love doing:

- Fashion + Sparkles
- Shooting (Fashion shooting)
- Fitness and Health
- Helping others and motivation

I thought long and hard about the things that make me truly happy in life and things that I am actually quite good at, for example I have been a gymnast my whole life so I know about fitness and what it takes to work hard and get results. 

Lastly I wrote down the enablers:

- My blog 
- Personal training course
- Fitness Brand
- Youtube

These enables are the things which are going to help me achieve my goals and turn them into reality. 
My Fashion, Beauty and fitness blog is my main enablers for the start of the year, so creating regular content and growing my reach and my audience and really helping people hopefully by sharing my story. 
Personal Training Course I want to do my PT course so that I can actually be certified to teach your guys about fitness and health as I think this is very important. I know a lot though my experiences and reading things but I want to be able to start teaching people one to one and helping others reaching their goals so this will help me get there. 
Fitness Brand this is a dream that will be taking me further than my 2017 goals and hopefully on the way to greater things. I want to create a fitness brand to help others with their fitness in the way of books and clients but also creating a fitness clothing line so you can feel good by what your wearing to give you that extra boost of confidence. Us ladies know that we kick ass on that we wear or special underwear even when people can't see it! 
YouTube -  This is something that is way out of my comfort zone I have never filmed myself before and do get a bit shy when talking is large groups so this will be pushing quite a lot but hopefully will be quite fun and end up loving it. 

The Process:

As you can see from the pictures above I wrote out my goals on a scrap piece of paper at first and the n wrote it up on the A3 piece of paper. This gave me a chance to get everything out that I was thinking which really helps. 

I have put the A3 piece of paper under the glass of my dressing table in my bedroom so that I see if everyday as is a constant reminder of what I want to achieve this year. I haven't done this before so I am really excited to see if this helps. I will keep you updated with if this helps or not. 

The next thing I am trying is I have written mini goals I want to achieve in January and written them down so that I have something to aim for in the next month. I have attached this to the 1st January page so that I can then plan the next 4 weeks so that I can make these happen. 
It important to focus not the smaller goals that make up the big goal so you don't get lost, so in 6 months time I will have achieved lots of mini goals and I can see where I am on the bigger picture plan. 

I hope you have enjoyed this and has helped you in some way, Leave comments below if you would like updates on whats going on below.

Here is the link to my Youtube View about my goals also: 

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Friday, 30 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have exciting plans for New Years Eve, I am going to be spending it with friends this year which I am really excited about. I never get too excited about New Years, and I have always feel there is such huge excitement for 12 O'Clock and the there a huge come down as that is really it. 

I wanted to do another 'What I got for Christmas Post' as I love reading these myself and is always a great sneak peek into what people are really like I guess. I was very excited for Christmas this year and even did some baking which isn't very me but I made ginger bread Reindeer for friends and family, which I hope they all liked. 

So onto the pressies, I asked for the majority of my presents this year, as they are things that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself and certainly do not have the excess money to get them all. I did however get a few surprise presents that I was very excited about like my Louboutin Lip gloss which is just stunning. 

In the picture above you will see that I got a few items of clothing which were part of my surprises so a nice white shirt from French Connection for work, a sparkly glitter top from Topshop which I love as I have it in black and is so comfortable and lastly some tights from Wolford. I must say these are the best tights I have ever got - they are slightly pricey at £20 each by there are so worth the investment. They have a special elastic around the waist so they don't dig into your sides and give you that unpleasant pinched look which in my eyes is priceless. 

My Louboutin Lip Gloss - I never dreamed I would get one of these Lip Glosses but my amazing mum surprised me and I love it! It is one of those items I want to put on the side and just have on show. The detailing on the bottle is beautiful, and at the top of the lid has a tie for it to hang. 
I tried the product on my hand and is the best red lip product I have ever tried it is the same red you find on their shoes and the texture is thick and luxurious so I certainly a favourite now. 

Mariah Carey Collection in MAC - This packing firstly is just so Mariah Carey but is stunning and most probably is what made me want it even more just for the sparkles and the glitter. The highlighter product I don't want to touch to ruin the beautiful product but can't wait to try it as it looks very pigmented so I will be doing reviews of these. The eye shadow quad are a great combination of colours which will compliment the highlight. 

Look at all these beautiful colours!! I can not wait to start creating some new looks with this palette, I  have only had one palette from Urban Decay before so I am excited to have another as I love their products. If you guys have created any looks like this palette please do send me your links in the comments below I would love to see them. 

I got a couple of  Bobbi Brown products the first being Intensive Skin Supplement and the second the Skin nourish face mask. I already use the Bobbi Brown daily moisturiser and that made such a difference to my skin that I wanted to see what their other skin products were like. I will be sure to using these over the coming weeks and do a review once I have used them enough. 

This was also another surprise present the Victoria Beckham Eye Ink. I have not previously tried any of her makeup before so I am excited to give this one a go, as from first impressions the colour is very pigmented so I can imagine you don't need to use a lot of it. Second to that the packaging is just beautiful and very classy and certainly has her stamp on it. 

Yves Saint Laurent Primer is next up on the list and I haven't not used a primer in quite a few months now so I wanted to give a new primer a go and see how it goes. The primer is glittery in the bottle which I obviously love - You can never go wrong with some glitter. I tried a small amount on my hand and I could certainly feel the difference to  not having on my skin so am quite excited to try this out under my makeup. 

These Mac Strobe creams have not long been out and have seen them feature in a few Vlogs on YouTube so was interested to see what they were all about as they came in various colours. I have previously used there original highlighter strobe cream which I enjoyed so was excited to give these new colours a go as you can never have too much highlighter. 

A few refills from Clinique being the SPF25 City Block which is an essential in my routine, some more liquid face soap which I love and two new additions from the Pep start range of moisturiser and the eye cream. I previously worked for Clinique and love their products as I know how they are made so was excited to try this new range and see how they fair up. 

So that is all for what I got for xmas this year - I hope you enjoyed reading and would love to see your posts so please do leave them below and hope you all have a great New Years Eve. 

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Fitness: How I stay healthy over the festive period

The festive period is always the hardest time to stay healthy and finding any kind of balance, with christmas parties and all the good food it is easy to fall off the band wagon. 

There are a few things that I wanted to share with you guys that I do to stay healthy over the festive period so I don't feel so bad about going out for those work drinks, or having a mince pie or two. 

Drinking lots of Water/ Lemon Water

It so easy to forget how important water is to our daily diet and especially during party season when there is so much alcohol around. I try to be extra aware of how much water I am drinking during the party season to make sure that my intake is balanced so I don't dehydrate. We know that alcohol dehydrates the body so I always try to remember to replace my liquids with some water where I can. 
Another tip if usually do is have squeeze a whole lemon into my water every other day for that extra boost. 

Daily fruit

Fruits have amazing anti oxidant properties to them, they are great for putting goodness back into your body, and are the quickest and easiest way to do good to your body. 
Try having raspberries, blueberries and some Kiwis every day or every other day, Marks and Spencer so great combo pack which are easy to pick up and include into your diet. 

Being organised 

With all the craziness of party time and work people often use this as an excuse for not going to the gym and letting themselves go, but If you are organised you can keep going to the gym as usual or squeezing some time in at home. 
Plan your week ahead so what you need to get done and schedule that workout time in even if it is for just 15 minutes you will feel so much better for getting it done than just letting it pass you by.

Hope these quick tips have helped you in some way

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