Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Miss Guided Sportswear Outfit Picks

I have seen so much talk and hype recently about Miss Guided new fitness wear line that I finally caved in and went for a browse, and I am glad to say they have some brilliant pieces. One thing i notices when I was having a look round was the great prices, normally some sports wear like Nike can be a bit pricey but all of their items are really well priced. 
I can honestly say that I am one of those people who outfit still has to look right even if I’m in running gear. I like the colours to match and of course matching trainers. Which is anything point I liked about their range was with the great prices I could mix and match some great outfits that were not going to break my bank account. 
So whilst having a browse of their website I was thinking about what pieces would go well together and thought I would share a few of these with you guys to see what you think?

Outfit 1:

Trainers | £20

Outfit 2:

Hope you liked these outfits that I picked, and if you want to see any more outfits that I put together please do comment below and I will get these together.

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

My daily face routine

I did a post a while back on what I use while washing my face here, as time goes on I like to switch things up bit so thats why I thought I would do an updated daily face routine for you guys. 
Washing your face can seem time consuming sometimes and is a task within itself but it has to be done morning AND night. Not many people know the importance of washing your face twice a day. As it is known that you skin is still at work repairing itself even when were sleeping, so ladies think twice before going to sleep with that makeup on.

My daily face routine is mainly the same from the morning to night, the only thing I will switch up is when I use my face scrub and when I take my makeup off.

Face and Body Soap | £10.84

So to start with I will wash my face with my forever living face and body soap, this product comes in a pump bottle as you can see and comes out as a gel in a lovely pearl colour. I will rub this between my fingers for a couple of seconds so I have enough product on my fingers and then rub this all over my face. With this product like the Clinique step 1 you don't need to wet your face before applying as it lathers up very well on your skin and is also very sensitive on your eyes so if you happen to get any in your eyes its not going to hurt so much. With a generous amount of Aloe Vera in the gel it acts as PH Balancer giving your skin an all over balanced look. One of the best parts about this product is the face it lasts for such a long time, I have been using this at least twice a day for nearly 3 months and it still has not run out.

Once my face is thoroughly clean I will then run the warm water and was it all off, and I can already feel the difference in my skin even after one use. Making my skin feel so soft to touch and feeling refreshed. One trick I started to use is that once I have washed all of the soap from my face I run the cold water only until it freezing cold. I then rinse my face with freezing cold water, and this with close all the pores which you have just opened wight he warm water and tighten your skin up slightly.

Aloe Moisturising lotion | £12.24

I will then go on to using my forever living moisturiser all over my face massaging it in gently. This moisturiser defiantly boasts some great elements such as collagen, Elastin and jojoba oil all helping your skin stay young and healthy. 

Clarins Eye Gel | £31.00

Following on is my clarins eye gel. I have not used Clarins eye gel before but I have always used their moisturiser previously and have always been more than happy and the eye gel has been no acceptation. I apply a small amount to the tip of my fingers a gentle dab the product under my eyes and any excess onto the lip. After application you can immediately feel the cooling effect of the gel and makes your eyes feel so refreshed. 

City Block Sheet SPF 25 | £18.00

Once everything is rubbed in nicely, I will use my City Block Sheer in 25SPF from Clinique, this gives me that extra protection from the suns harmful rays and also protects your skin from the harmful pollution. This will help prevent any dark patches caused by skin damaged as make your skin looking younger for longer.

Aloe Vera Scrub | £12.92

So this is my go to wash routine every day, as I said before I will switch things up and use my Forever Living face scrub a few times a week in the evenings before I use the soap. With this I will run the warm water and dampen my face. Then apply a small amount of the face scrub to my hand and massage into my face for only a few minutes. You don't want to over scrub your face as it will damage your skin. I will then rinse this off and follow up with my trustily face soap. 

To keep my face hydrated and clear I will often not wear makeup over the weekend during the day, and also when I get in from work. This gives my skin a break from all the makeup I wear during the day and gives it a chance to breathe. Most weekends I will often steam my face to get any muck out of my face and freshen it up. 

I hope this has helped you and have enjoyed reading my face routine. If you would like to purchase any of the Forever Living products in this post you can get a 10% discount through me on your first purchase using discount code FLAMS1, just email me at contact@topdrawfashion.com or through any of my social media links. 

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Importance of staying Hydrated

Water is probably one of most boring drinks around I admit, there is no taste to it so its not the most inviting of drinks to have but it is one of the most important. That is generally the way isn't it - The things that don't taste the nicest are generally the best for you. I do generally drink a lot of water during the day and only tend to have coke when I have Mac Donald's, I don't know why but Mac Donald' and coke are the best combo. So as summer is fast approaching I thought I would share some important points about being hydrated. 

How water helps you

Your body relies on water to survive and with your body being made up of around 60% water I would say it is pretty important to stay hydrated. Your body uses this water to do a number of functions such as maintain your temperature, Helps your joints stay supple, Transporting nutrients and oxygen around your body and removes any waste. An added bonus to this is that staying hydrated really helps your skin look fuller and help your skin look amazing. I might even do a water challenge and see the difference in my skin before and after what do you think? If you guys are interested in joining me do let me know and we can do it together.

How much you should drink

How you much drink does depend on a few variables but a general guide should be 1.5 - 2 Litres a day. What is an added bonus is that this count also includes the water you take in while eating foods and other kinds of drink. If your exercising you will need more water and you will be sweating more, and also in the summer month we tend to loose a lot more water. 

What you should drink

Water is the best form of hydration as it contains not extra sugars or calories and is generally free. However other drinks/foods can make up your liquid which is defiantly good, means were not stuck drinking water all day. Other forms of liquids be it coffee, tea and most foods contains liquids which contributes to your daily intake of water. That being said these do come with extra calories, caffeine and sugars so you do have to then water how much you are consuming.  
For example caffeine drinks and some alcohols contain diuretic which makes your body produce more urine which in turn dehydrates you faster. So replacing that excess fluid loss is very important. So what I generally do after a night out drinking I drink a few glasses of water before I go to sleep so I don't have a hangover in the morning. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and has been helpful in some way, and catch up next time x 

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Love me Beauty Box : March

Love me Beauty | £13.95

Another month and another great Beauty Box, This months box defiantly marked the start of spring with its soft purple and lilac colours, and nothing beats a great scrub all of which are featuring in this month’s beauty box. What has been getting you in the spring mood?

So to start off this month’s beauty box we have the great Mr. Bean coffee bean body scrub. I have not tried this body scrub as yet but what I noticed was the it is very similar to the frank body scrub; you can see my review here. I do love the packaging of Mr. Bean scrub its very simplistic yet effective. The packaging is great; simple black with white writing is very effective. I will be doing a review of the body scrub when I have used it a few times so be sure to keep your eye out for that. 

Now onto the polishes which I was excited to try out and also very impressed with. The colours were just so lovely as you can see. There are four polishes in total called (from left to right) - Upper Cheyne row, Lexington Gardens, London Lane and Beauchamp Street. 

All polishes are what I expect from Nails Inc in that they glide on well for easy application, the one polish which is slightly more tricky is London Lane. This is because the colour is make up of speckles of blue within a clear varnish. So I had to apply a few coats to get to what you can see in the imagines. For the effect you see in the picture i applied a few light coats of the Upper Cheyne crow polish to give it a good base and then applied the London Lane on top. 

So all in all I was very happy with my box this month and the products were just what I would use and bringing a touch of spring to my collection which is always a bonus. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post, and are having a great week. If you have used any of the products features in this post I would love to hear your thoughts

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Setting your own goals!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I am not sure if many of you have noticed, but I have made an addition to my top bar to include a section on My Business. This has come from a post I did previously HERE about a company I started working for called Forever Living not so long ago and who's focus is around health and wellbeing. I am not going to get into detail around it but do stop by and have a little nosey around. 

This post has come about due to my ever growing list of dreams and crazy ideas of what I want to achieve from life, and if you ask anyone I know they will tell you how extravagant and big my dreams are and they don't seem to stop, Does anyone else find that?

So due to the very nature of my every growing dreams and aspirations which include buying hotels, flats and traveling around america... I always come back to earth with a bit of a bump when someone says 'So how are you going to pay for all that' and point I generally just breeze over and say i'll figure that out at some point. So when I started to sit down and really take it all seriously I clearly had to think of the money side of this situation I had going on in my brain, and then the numbers started running into hundreds of thousands and so I thought... mmmm... How am I actually going to achieve all this? So I came up with a plan...

Have any of you written a life plan of what you want to achieve and by when? It can be pretty difficult especially when looking at things realistically and how long things take to get done. So a vague overview of my plan as it stands is to move out with my fiancĂ© this year, get married the year after (2016) then the year after to go travelling around America. These are only three things over the next three years but then looking at the logistics certainly made me think. To make this achievable I have set myself small goals for each week, and month so these build up to the bigger picture and should hopefully keep me motivated. 

Another way to keep myself motivated is by creating a vision board, and these are amazing and so much fun to make. All you need to a wall mount, be it a white board, cork board or even just plain piece of card, then think of things in life you want to achieve and google them and pick the picture that will inspire you the most. Once you have a selection of pictures print them out and stick them on your board. It is that simple, and then you can put in which ever area of the house that suits you. I have mine on the wall opposite my bed so that I see it every morning when I wake up and every time I walk out of my room. It just gives me that little reminder to keep going. 

This is all from me, I hope you have enjoyed this post and would love to hear if any of you have created any life plans or their own vision board. 

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Urban Decay's Naked On the run palette

Urban Decay, Naked on the run

The Urban Decay Naked on the run Palette is a limited edition and really is a palette you can take with you on the run. It has everything you need inside for that go-to look, it includes 6 exclusive eye shadows, Bronzer, Blush, Lip gloss, Eye liner and mascara all in one. 

The packaging is beautiful and is around the size of a CD case but it quite deep to accommodate for for the Lip gloss. It would have been nice if they has compacted the gloss slightly so it was not so thick but wouldn't stop me from buying it. 
The best part of the packaging I personally think is the large mirror, which is the perfect size when your on the go trying to touch up your makeup. I have always struggled with the smaller mirrors which can come with some palettes as they just never really work so this has defiantly filled that gap.

Urban Decay, Naked on the run

The shadows are great and a nice mix of Matt and Shimmery shades, so from left to right we have Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and 5050 which is set separate from the other shadows and can be used as a highlighter as well. 
I love all these shades as I love a neutral colours, and it is a great palette to have in your handbag for work and if you want to switch things up for a night out you can by adding a touch of shimmer.

Urban Decay, Naked on the run

Urban Decay, Naked on the run

Next up is the bronzer and blush, and on first glance they are a tad bright especially next to the neutral eye colours above them. However once I gave them a go they are not as bright as they seem, I started of with a small amount and just built up the colour to achieve the look I was going for.

Last but by no means least are the Eye Pencil, Mascara and Liploss, and of which I am very pleased with. To start with the sizes of these travel items are very generous size which is good and is great value for money.  The 24/7 glide on Eye pencil is lovely, I had not tried it before but when you apply it on the lid it glides on so softly, which is great as your eye area is so delicate. 
The mascara is lovely, and does not clump your eye lashes together from what I have seen so far. I have only used it a few times so am still going through the trial period with this one. 
Finally onto the lip gloss, now I can not start without mentioning the size of this gloss how can you not love how much product you get in here. The colour of this lip gloss is perfect though and words well with so many looks, its a pretty neutral pink and not too bold which is amazing. 

Now for the Pit and Peak of this product-


The thickness of the palette makes it feel a little chunky.


The full size mirror

So overall I am extremley happy with the palette, what do you think?                                                                   

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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Benefits of Chocolate!!

Womens Health, Benefits of Chocolate

Yes... That is right Chocolate IS good for you! With thanks to lots of research it has now been proven that dark chocolate is good for you in moderation. So now we don't have to feel so bad about reaching out for that chocolate bar!!

So without further a do here are the benefits of eating dark chocolate:

Healthier Heart

Research has found that eating dark chocolate will improve your cardiovascular system, as it lowers your blood pressure and reduces your risk of a heart attack by as much as 39%. This is due to the beneficial elements of flavonoids, antioxidant compounds which increases the flexibility of the veins and arteries.  
This does not cancel out those workouts though so using both side by side will certainly help.

Loosing Weight

As I am sure you are aware there is distinctive different in taste between milk chocolate and the 70% dark chocolate, I am sure you can not eat as much of the dark stuff and the dairy?
This is good because eating the dark chocolate you will not be eating so much, and as we all know small portions are better than the big ones. 

Reduces Stress

Thank goodness for that, next time your stressed from work or going through a tough break up don't feel bad about reaching for the chocolate as long as its the dark stuff. 
Researchers have found that when eating an ounce and half of dark chocolate a day it reduced their stress hormone levels.

Sun Protection

There has been some research done in London which shows that eating dark chocolate is good at protecting your skin against those bad sun rays. A group of people were given dark chocolate to eat over a period of three months and after that time it took longer for their skin to show that redness that appears when your skin starts to burn.

Improves Intelligence 

Next time you are working hard at school, Uni or even work do not feel bad about reaching out for that bit a dark chocolates as it will actually help you. It had been noted that eating dark chocolate will actually improves the blood flow to key parts of your brain for 2-3 hours which increases your performance.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and has made you feel a little bit better about eating that chocolate bar!

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