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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bobbi Brown Moisturiser

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream

When it comes to moisturisers I have never really found one that I can say had made a dramatic difference to my skin, until now that is. 
I do have varied skin as my face is generally dryish and T zone can become very oily - which can play havoc on my foundation by the time the afternoon arrives. If any of you have an oily T Zone you will know where I'm coming from. 

I was in need of a new moisturiser as my Clarin's had ran out, and I thought to myself that my skin wasn't looking or feeling the way I really want it to. I needed to change my moisturiser to see if this would help and I had hear people go on about how good the Bobbi Brown range is and how it changed the way their skin looked and felt so I had to try it for myself - and am I glad I did.

I went for both the Hydrating Gel Cream for both the face and eyes which retail for price above, which may seem like a lot to purchase in one go but it has certainly lasted me a long time so I would say its worth the investment. 
I have been using these products for over a month now and I can honestly  say it is now my go to moisturiser.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream

The texture between the two are very different, so the face cream is extremely light weight and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and hydrated I have actually been out more without makeup now that my skin is looking so much better. 
The eye cream is a thicker constancy so you really don't need a lot of it at all. It keeps my eyes so hydrated that my eye makeup now looks much better and healthier. 

I am now have about a quarter of a tub left of the face cream and about half a tub of the eye cream, so I would say that I have used more of the face cream than the eyes. 
However I will be re purchasing these product because they are certainly here to stay for a while longer.

Have you guys used either of these products or looking for a new moisturiser? I would love to hear your comments below :)

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My Empties

So this is the first time I've done a empties post so I am quite excited to share with you what I have been using and what I have liked the most. I always tend to finish most of my products at different times so I will always forget to keep them and will throw the packaging away. I have managed to hand on to them this time, so here is what I have been using:

Bio Oil
I love my Bio Oil, and will never go anywhere without it, I started using it because I used to have a few small scars on my legs which I wanted to get rid of. So I would apply it twice a day as it says on the instructions to try and reduce the look of these and have not gone back since. 

I use it every time of get out of the bath, but will only use it on the bottom half of my legs not all over. I am not a huge fan of having oil all over my body as it doesn't soak into my skin straight away so would end up getting oil everywhere. 

I did however find that this has defiantly helped with the appearance of my legs which is why I haven't stopped using it since. 

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion
This lotion was already a re-purchase from a bottle I got for Christmas, so is certainly a huge favourite of mine. It is certainly one of the best body moisturises I have used in a long time. In the past I have used other moisturisers such as Vasline products but they never did the job as well as this one. 

Clarins Double Serum
This was a product that came in a set with some other products which is always handy as it makes me try new products. This was a great product that I now incorporate into my every day skin routine and would use it after my moisturiser. 

After using this product for a about a week I could start to see a difference in my skin, and there after my skin got better and better. It is defiantly one of the products I have re purchased since and would always use in my skin care routine. I often will use this alone on my skin before going to bed too and will wake up with refreshed looking skin.

Aloe Hand & Face Soap
This is my second tub of this soap, as it lasts me for such a long time. It is one of my favourite soaps as I use it for my face and body. 
This soap is a thicker texture so you only need a small amount to go a long way which is great. As the soap is mainly Aloe Vera based it works wonders on your skin, my skin reacted so well immediately after using it.

Aloe Vera Moisturiser
Continuing on the Aloe Vera theame, this is a great moisturiser to follow on from the soap, as it contains a lot of Aloe Vera which is great for your skin. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling so moisturised all day.

Tripple Omega Capsules 
I never get enough fish oils in my diet so I love taking these capsules as its so quick and easy to take. These ones from Holland and Barrett also contain Flaxseed oil and Vitamin E which is great for those extra vitamins. 

There are 120 capsules in this packet so these last for such a long time which I certainly love so I don't have to keep going back to to shops to buy more. 

Clinique All about eyes rich
The weather in England as we can be slightly temperamental which therefor plays havoc on our skin. The skin around my eyes was starting to become sore and drying out which can be very obvious when wearing makeup. 
Thats when I found this great eye cream from Clinique, within days my skin was transforming back to normal so is defiantly one of my holy grails. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and would love to hear from you if you have used any of these products before and what you think of them.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Clarins Haul

Hello again my Lovelies, hope you guys have all had a great week? Its been a mixed week I feel with the forever changing weather I never seem to know what to wear.. and were in June.

Any how.. onto todays post... and today we are talking a massive Clarins Haul!!
Let me just clarify I did not go into the store with the aim of coming out with so many items, it just seemed to happen. I did however come out with some pretty cool things so let dive right in - I am going to start with face products and then move onto the body.

HydraQuench Cream-Mask | £33.00 75ml
This is a non-drying mask, and is to be left on the face for 5-10 minutes. It ingredients include Katafray which is know for its smoothing properties and Sorbier which is know to protect your veins.

Multi Active Nuit | £44.00 50ml
This new formula from clarions now include poppy extract which protects the skin from to reduce sign of lack of sleep. With ingredients including organic Teasel, Myrothamnus and poppy seeds is a great mix to revitalise the skin keeping it looking younger for longer.

Water Purify One Step Cleanser | £21.00 200ml
This is an easy to use makeup remover and doesn't have any foaming properties on it making makeup removal very easy. There are some great ingredient in this water such as coconut which has Copra oil inside which helps tone and protect the skin. Mint which is widely known for it antiseptic properties and lastly rice which helps conceal blemishes and nourish the skin.

Ever Matte Foundation | £28.00 100ml
This 'Skin Detox' foundation is a great light weigh foundation that leaves your skin looking Matte but without drying it out. Clarins is actually the first Labs to take interest in its ingredient called Tanaka which is used daily in South East Asia. Also being used is Carthusian Pink which comes from the swiss alps which has soothing properties.

This serum is defiantly one of the best on the market currently, with around 20 natural plant extract in the mix it really does what it says on the tin by winner quiet a few awards. I have tried this before so is a re purchase so I can say first hand this is one of the best I've tried. 

There are a lot of water makeup removers around and from what I have seen they have been doing very well. I have not tried this Clarin's one yet so am excited to try it and it promises to even take off water proof makeup and shouldn't leave your eyes red or sore. 

This flash balm seems look to be a great moisturise to help rejuvenate the skin and help looking fresh, with olive tree extracts and what we know about that it should hopefully be a keeper.  

I am very excited to try this cellulite cream, it had been so founded with scientist for the best formula and says to help early stages of development and also getting rid of stubborn cellulite giving you a great finish. 

On first glance at this product I feel like it is going to be one of my favourites, there is so much product in the packet that it is going to last me a while which is great for the price I would say. The ingredient are all spa like elements so I would say this is for a deep exfoliant.

This scrub is on the smaller side to the tonic polisher and being the same price I am not sure which will be working out better but it seems they are for different things, so this scrub is lighter and thinner so I think you would be able to use it more daily and has softer elements like bamboo extract and ginger. 

This shower gel is said to act with the warm bath water and lets of aromatic properties for a very relaxing bath. This is just what you need for those stressful days so lets hope it is a winner. 

I hope you all liked the products that I have picked, and if did or have reviewed or used any of these products I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Update: Life Update

So its been a little while since I've posted anything and so here I am going to be explaining a bit as to why and what’s been going on, but firstly I hope you guys have been keeping well and busy? I would love to hear what you guys have been up to so please do leave a comment below.

So as some of you who read my posts will know I started a new job a few months ago, and up until now I have been able to juggle blogging and work as I have never really been as involved in my job as I am with this one so has proved rather difficult. A lot of people do manage to juggle both, its just going to take a little time adjusting and managing my time in a slightly different way.

Part of the struggle is also motivation, it is so so hard to write posts or take pictures when you are so tired and not in any kind of mood to be doing these things. Self motivation is something I can be good at sometimes but then sometimes I can not drag myself to even get up.
I am now starting to self motivate my self a bit more, and being happier at work has really made the world of difference. Being happier in your work really is a game changer, I know people used to say this but I never really believed it until I started the job I am in now. 

I have been in many different roles and sectors being a contractor and for that I am so grateful as it has allowed me to experience so many different aspects of businesses I wouldn’t have be able to see if I had been permanent. It has toughened me up to be able to move from place to place and settle in quickly and also be able to meet so many different people building up relationships up in short amounts of time.

Now that things have settled more I am going to do my best at getting back into blogging more regularly and I want to produce more interesting content for you guys and really motivate you to be at the top of your game, mental and fitness wise so you can be the best you can be. We only get one life so lets give it everything we have!

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Monday, 28 March 2016


Hello my Lovelies, Hope your all doing well? Sorry I have been a little quiet things are kind of been going fast forward and don't feel like I've had a moment to myself to sit and think. I have been super busy at work and have been travelling a lot more than I am usually used to so I think that has started to take its toll out on me.

Today I am back with what I think can be a delicate subject for some people so I wanted to share a few thoughts and tricks that can help us more be more body confident as these are things I have personally gone through and quite sure most women out there have at some point in time.

Body confidence is not just whats on the outside but I believe its also from within, I feel like its the whole package of ourselves if you like. The government apparently did a body confident campaign in 2014 but I had never heard of it have you? I feel like if me and a group of friends have not heard of these kind of campaigns are they really reaching the people they need to be reaching?

If you been following me for a while you'll know I was a gymnast and with that comes a lot of pressure on your looks and especially your weight, luckily I've always been slim and didn't have to worry that much about my size, but even through the years just because I was slim didn't make me body confident.

I am a size 6 with not really many curves, so pretty petite. My friends would always say how lucky I was to be slim and all the rest of it and yes I do appreciate being slim but it doesn't automatically make you body confident inside and out. As I have gotten older I have become more confident with myself and I sometimes wish I could have had that years ago when I was younger.

So I have come up with a few things that can help improve body confidence, and if these help even a few people feeling better then I am happy! Please do let me know what you think...

Get Sh*t Done!

This is one that really makes me feel good about myself, I make a to do list of things I need and want to get done that day and I focus on getting them all ticked off. There is such a good feeling about ticking off a tick list and i feel so empowered when I see how much I have achieved. 

Give yourself a break

Some days I am really in no mood to be doing anything and feel super unmotivated to do anything, which is normally! We can not be 100% motivated all of the time I mean we are not robots we are humans with feelings. If you have a lazy day like I do somethings that is fine we all have them so don't beat yourself up about it.

Perfect is boring

I always say why would you want to be perfect its so boring, we are all individuals so why would we all want to be 'perfect' that wouldn't make us who we are. Yes we can improve on ourselves and that is a personal journey for everyone to do for themselves not for anyone else. 

Listen and Dance to your favourite music

I love doing this one, its one of my favourite things that really gives me a kick up the butt. Put your music on at home and dance away, it puts me in such a good mood like I can do anything and no one will get in my way. Dancing away with create all those endorphins that get created when your exercising and put you in a great place. 

Look after yourself

This is probably one of the most important and that is looking after yourself as number one, and don't let anyone get in your way of that. I always try and make sure I'm drinking plenty of water and eating as healthy as I can. If I don't I start to feel crappy I will be tired and snappy and that doesn't make me feel any better about myself. When Im eating write and hydrated I gives you such a glow that you will walk past your mirror and have to stop and look at yourself.

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

All Black Everything!

Hello my Lovelies, How are we all doing? I have had the craziest week this week, I had to go up to Manchester twice for work which was great to get out and about. I just found myself getting a little bored on the train sometimes sitting there for three hours. Has anyone noticed how the phone signal on the journey is so bad and keeps going in and out? So now for the weekend and trying to get things planned and organised. 

So on with todays post as you can probably already tell this is an all black everything post as you can never have too many black items in your wardrobe, so I wanted to start doing a few themed posts on my blog to change things up a bit and so I am going to start with the black theme today, so I have posts all the items below which I have picked and love myself so I hope you guys like them to and enjoy browsing and all links are included! 

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you did I could love to hear from you in the comments below :) x

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Friday, 4 March 2016

February Favourites

Hello my Lovelies and welcome back! I honestly can not believe it is March already I mean where on earth did Feb go? Did it go just as fast for you guys? If you follow me on twitter you will know that I started a new job last week which I am excited about so fingers crossed all goes well!

So today I am back with my Feb Favs and things have changed up since my January favs which is always good, if you want to see what my Jan favs were you can find that here.
So yes lots of changes have been happening through feb and have been trying to focus a little more on keeping my body really hydrated and looking after my hair as I blow dry it every other day. 

So we shall start off with my Clarins Moisture rich body lotion which I did get for christmas and have actually nearly finished the bottle so you can tell how much I have been loving it. I have been using this every day after my showers and has lasted me about 2 months which I think is great for a 400ml bottle. The lotion is quite thick and a milky consistency so you can get away with not using a huge  amount which is always good. It does leave my skin feeling super fresh and clean and even has a really nice smell to it.

Clinique City Block | £18.00 (40ml)

I think I have mentioned this on my blog before a while ago and it has made a huge come back in my life. As I travel into town everyday using the trains and being around all that horrible pollution I really like to try and protect my skin for it all. This does just the trick, protecting me from pollution and also most importantly the sun! It is SPF25 so gives me great protection through the day, and you don't realise how much sun you can get even through the clouds. 

MAC Strobe Cream | £24.00 (50ml)

I didn't use this product for a while but it has been making a come back on those nice bright days and has made a big difference to my makeup looks. I have been applying this to the high points of my face - You know all the usual places and putting my foundation on top and it really give you a gorgeous glow to your skin as if it was natural! 

Beauty Blender | £5.99

I love my beauty blender it was the best invention for makeup application ever! I was using my real techniques brushes for applying my foundation in the winter but now I have moved back to my beauty blender for a very natural look as sometimes the brushes don't give you that look. 

Neal Wolf Hair Oil | £14.95 (100ml)

Now this little beaut was an awesome find, When I dry my hair sometimes the ends are not as smooth as I want and then after I walk out the door my hair just has a mind of its own and goes crazy. This oil you put into your hair just before you dry it and left my hair so silky smooth as if I just been to the hairdressers and is great because it even last when I go out and after I have even slept in it - What is not to love!?

Do you use any of these products if you do I would love your views, and love to see your feb favs too!

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